Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Thirty-Three

Woke up to the wind this morning. It's quite normal here to be very windy. I just don't want it to blow my gazebo cover off. I'm going to take it down when it starts snowing, but don't want to have to take it down earlier. The kids got up and went down and put a movie on. I heated up some leftovers from dinner for breakfast. We ate and then I relaxed with the kids for a bit before deciding to take charge of the day. I spent the entire day doing stuff that I've been putting off for a while. We still had all our boxes from our bedroom set, so I broke them down, cut them up, and took them to the cardboard bin down the street. I did the same for all the packing paper still left over from when we moved here, as well as a few moving boxes we still had left. This took a good few hours, but I was lucky to have my favorite radio station from back home playing the whole time via the internet. I work so much better when i have my music =) It took a few runs to get it all taken out, and it was freezing outside, 2 degrees celsius according to my car, so it wasn't too fun. Once I was done with that I swept up all the dust that was behind the boxes and then thoroughly vacuumed the basement and the basement stairs. I found some money and quite a few toys in the process, lol. Then, I had to jump on loads of laundry, mostly stuff we'd still had packed away. I got it all put away as well, until I ran out of hangers for the kids' clothes. I guess I'll have to go buy some more. I cleaned out the kids closets and rearranged them, and packed away Hayden's old clothes that Brayden will grow into, and clothes that no longer fit Brayden that will go to the baby if it's a boy (but as always, hoping I will have to send them all to my sister instead because it turns out to be a girl =) )

This all took so long that literally by the time I was done it was dinner time. I had planned to just finish the meatloaf from last night since there was still plenty, and I don't want it to just sit in the fridge and go bad as usual with my leftovers. After dinner, the kids went upstairs and took a bath- not for hygienic purposes, purely for fun lol. Brayden put on some of his new footy pajamas that I had cleaned today, and he was excited about that. I went between relaxing and doing more laundry as loads finished. My right hip is really bugging me now- it's not so fun to step down on my right side, so I'm just trying to take it easy now. After this, I'm going to sit with the kids and finish watching Toy Story 3 with them, put the clothes from the wash into the dryer when the stuff in the dryer is done, and then head off to bed. I tried to call Denton today to wish him a happy Veteran's Day and let him know how proud I am of him, but he has his phone off =/. I really am so proud of him and everyone else he serves with and all those who served before him. I know there are people that do not support the military, but I think they should realize that if it weren't for people like my husband, we would still have an active draft and it's likely their husband/father/brother or someone they love would be in his place, so they could at the very least be thankful for that. Today, I am thankful for my soldier and all he does for this family =)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day Thirty-Two

Another good night of sleep for all of us. I say all of us because surprisingly Hayden jumped right out of bed when I did when normally I have to wake him up, and Brayden got up right away as well. We all headed downstairs and I got the kids some breakfast and then continued on as usual with the morning. I went over Hayden's words with him one last time as he got dressed to prepare for his test today. We headed out to school and dropped Hayden off at the gate, gave him hugs and kisses, and wished him well on his last day of the week. Brayden and I went back home, I ate some breakfast, and then we sat on the couch looking at his Seek and Find books. We were both quite exhausted, so we tried to lay down on the couch a bit but then retired upstairs in the big bed where it's nice and dark- I don't do so well sleeping with much light. We slept until it was time to get up and get ready for me meeting.

We took a shower and got dressed and went on to the USO. Brayden was happy because he knew he's be getting some hot chocolate, and I was happy because I had gotten an email alert about receiving a package at the post office and thought for sure it was my hypnobabies. We went in, got some hot chocolate, and headed into the conference room for the meeting. They were serving spaghetti which was so very nice because we hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was rather hungry. Brayden sat on my lap and quietly ate some spaghetti as well. They went over some good volunteer opportunities that we can put out to our FRGs and look forward to ourselves. I figure since I'm not working right now, it's good for me to take up a good amount of volunteer opportunities to make use of myself. Well, the meeting didn't last too long, so afterwards I grabbed another plate of spaghetti since Brayden finished most of mine, and let him play and watch Diego in the kid's corner while I finished up. We went over to the post office and unfortunately it wasn't my hypnobabies, but my bathing suit bottom that I had ordered. Oh well, it should be here next week sometime and I can get started on it right away.

We went over to the PX to look around and I finally got to go in to see the Vitamix demonstration- note: I already know how awesome it is, the best part if getting all the samples of the yummy, healthy stuff they make =P. I will own one one day, but that day was not today- I'll wait until I can save up and pay for it in cash, we finance too much and need to put an end to that. Of course it didn't help to pick up the Sunday after Thanksgiving sale and see a 59" Samsung LED HD 3D TV on sale for $1499. That price is insanely good, and we <3 Samsung TVs in this family, but, alas, we will not give in to temptation! Our tv works awesome, and we will upgrade once we get back to the states. Hopefully by then that will be about normal price for one of those TVs, right now they're typically just ridiculous. I may have to tell my family about it, though. They're crazy about buying new TVs for some reason lol. We walked around a bit more to see if there was anything to spark my interest for Christmas shopping, but it was just too crazy in there as today was the start of a 4-day weekend for the garrison. We left outta there and went over to the commissary to get some stuff for dinner. I got mostly veggies and then some meat for meatloaf and got the kids their favorite yogurt drinks. Luckily, they are healthy and were on sale since they'll be expiring soon, but they don't last more than a few hours in the house anyways lol.

By the time we were done it was time to head over and get Hayden. We got our coats on and went on down to wait. Hayden came out shortly after and had a great report from his teacher. We went on home and went through his backpack and he showed me his bus pass to start next week and his spelling test. He got 12 out of 10, the extra 2 points from bonus words! I am so proud of him, and so glad we worked so hard together on his words this week! I let the kids go out and ride their bikes since it's been a while since I let them last, but it's just so darn cold out now. I even had to get my headband and gloves on just to stand out there and watch them, but they really enjoyed it. I took that time as well to switch Hayden's booster seat back over to his True Fit harnessed seat. I've been meaning to do it since my mom left in September, but I just kept putting it off. I believe he's mature enough for the booster seat, but I prefer him in his safer seat until he grows out of it. It's about to get snowy and icy, and driving around here can be crazy sometimes, especially on the autobahn, so I prefer the kids as safe as they can be. Once they were done, we all came in and the kids played while I got started on dinner. I cleaned off the counters and stove to start preparing, and then got to it chopping and mixing. I threw the meatloaf in the oven and then  finally tried my Yoga for Beginners dvdlol. I'm more of a Zumba kinda girl, but there's no way I could be doing that right now with my hip issues. I'd regret it lol. I do have another dvd specifically to use with my yoga ball that I'm willing to try out, though, but if I don't like it either I will be returning them and getting the prenatal specific one. I finished cooking my side dishes and then dinner was ready. Of course as I bring the food out I see that Brayden is passed out on the couch. It stinks because meatloaf is one of his favorite foods, but I knew he'd eat once he got up later.

Hayden and I ate and then decided to make some brownies. He's been asking to make some kind of dessert for a while now, so I gave in tonight. He had a great day, so he deserved it. He helped me make them and we just chilled out while we waited. He put on a Batman movie and I took the brownies out to cool. I cut them up, we had one each, and then I went upstairs to get in the bath. I took my notebook so I could make lists and my phone to listen to the radio. I don't really like the music selection here, so I listen to my favorite stations from back home online or on an app on my phone. Brayden eventually got up and joined me. I stayed in extra long tonight because it was so relaxing. I got Hayden set up to play on the computer and he was good. Once I got out, Brayden was ready to eat so I got him a plate and Hayden went to lay down. Once he was done I talked to Denton for a little bit and then started this. Brayden has since passed out, and I am quite ready for bed myself. I am hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow since Hayden is out of school, so hopefully the kids will let me.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just an FYI

As I've said in one of my posts before, please forgive me if there are any grammatical errors or even whole missing parts to some of my posts. By the time I am finished typing them, it really is time for me to go to bed, so I don't re-read my posts before publishing. I do a simple spell check, and that thing could really use some updating. But, I have read 1 or 2 of my posts after posting them and realized I had chunks of paragraphs that I had typed completely disappear, so it made things kind of weird. If there are any like that, I'm sorry.

Day Thirty-One

One month of deployment down. Who knows how much longer to go. The sooner the better. For anyone reading this that doesn't know more and thinks "one month is nothing," my husband deployed before it was put out that their whole company would be going on the big one year deployment in February, and now he will be coming home soon to start training up for that one. So yea, one or so months ain't bad, but it is when you know he'll be turning around and leaving for a long time soon after he gets back.

Anyways, slept much better last night, but still waking up a bit early. I guess it's good that my body has an internal alarm clock, but I wish it would just understand that I have an external one, and I'd prefer it to sleep until that one goes off! lol. I went to sleep to my hypnosis app again last night- it's nice to wake up and try to remember the last thing I heard from it to see how long it takes me to fall asleep. Some nights I'm really quick, but I fall asleep before the end every night either way which is great. So, I finally got up and got Hayden up. Brayden, once again, had lazy bones so stayed in bed. I made Hayden his breakfast, got his toothbrush and clothes ready, and packed up his backpack before moving on to getting myself ready. At some point Brayden woke up on his own and came downstairs to join us. He picked out his clothes from the pile of laundry I had left on the couch from last night =P We got all ready and got Hayden off to school.

Brayden and I came back home and ate some breakfast and then just sat on the couch and looked at some books. We were both still extremely exhausted, so we headed back upstairs to bed. It was nice to get to go back to sleep. After our nap, we got up and ate some lunch and just lazed around some more. I put on Cars for him and got to a little bit of cleaning. It's so frustrating how cleaning is just an endless cycle, especially with kids. I wish things would just stay clean, or at least walk themselves back to where they belong. A girl can dream, right? So it was pretty close to time to pick Hayden up so we got ready and headed out the door. We had a few minutes so I let Brayden play in the car and listen to Veggie Tales. Someone please send me a new Veggie Tales CD! We went on down to wait for Hayden and sat down. I really need a new winter jacket. I can no longer zip mine up. I can snap it shut, but only if I suck in, but it usually ends up popping open anyways lol. Not cool, and not warm either =( Hayden got out and we headed home. The kids watched a little bit of Cars, but then I turned it off and made them play with something, anything else. They're pretty good at that. It's kind of nice having two boys because they have similar personalities and play the same things, so they play well together. I try to imagine having 2 girls, and I really can't, so once again if this is a girl, we will probably be happy and stop. The boys might be loud and rowdy, but I'm ok with that. After years of being a mom, you really do learn to just tune stuff out. If I couldn't do that, I may have just gone crazy a while ago.

I decided to tackle the dishes that I've been letting pile up. It's only the big ones that can't fit into my dishwasher. I have no joy in washing dishes, so I procrastinate on the big ones that I actually have to put effort into. Sometimes I think they will just go away on their own. Other times I try to think of how much I could pay someone to come once or twice a week to take care of them lol. Once I finally got into it, though, it was pretty quick and easy. Now I've got an empty sink, just waiting to be filled again. I've gotten really good at not letting any of the dishwasher dishes go in the sink at all, though. It really helps out to just rinse and put it in, no matter how daunting it seems at the time =P. I feel like when Denton is gone a lot of pressure is off, and it seems like I would slack more because of it, but I really just get better at doing things, and learn how to manage my time better. By then end of his next deployment, I should be a domestic queen or something! lol. Eh. And, in case you were wondering, gone are the days of me feeling bad for myself for having such responsibilities and feelings at such a young age and wishing I was one of my friends from high school childless and working or something like a free bird. I'm happy with my marriage and my kids, and especially happy knowing that by the time my kids are grown, I will still be young and can then finally be a free bird, but by then I'll be a more responsible free bird =P.

Once I was done I went ahead and started dinner. Simple but healthy and yummy, but it was going to take a while so I did a bit more cleaning and got the kids involved as well. I figure it's about time for them to start doing more chores, and Hayden really is so good about helping because he has sympathy for me being pregnant and in pain a lot of the time and still having to do all that stuff. I love having such a mature, caring 6 year old. After we were done dinner was ready and we sat down to eat. The kids didn't really eat so much, but that was ok. I only emphasize that mealtime is for eating as much as you feel like, not that one must clean their plate. I was taught to clean my plate growing up, and I see where that got most of my family, so I'm trying my best to pretty much do the opposite of what I was taught for the sake of my kids lol. As I finished up dinner (always takes a mom longer because she has to continuously stop and get stuff for the kids), I had Hayden take a spelling test to prepare for his test in school tomorrow. It's not his best week of words, but he's doing great with me so far- 13 out of 15. Hopefully he can remember what we went over tomorrow! Once I finished I cleaned up all our plates and put the rest of dinner away. We then went to the couch to do his reading for the night where Brayden proceeded to fall asleep. Hayden finished up and I started on this. Denton called and we went over a few things and of course Hayden passed out on the couch where I told him not to. Once he falls asleep at night it is hard to get him up to get upstairs to bed. I've never seen someone so entirely incoherent as this child, so it's a fight to get him up, up the stairs, and on the right side of the bed lol, but it's precisely what I'll be doing as soon as I close this out. I do in fact have 1 meeting to go to tomorrow, so I can't be entirely lazy, but I know I'll be trying to get some rest in there somewhere. I really don't know why I'm so much more tired this pregnancy than my last 2. Maybe I'm busier? I don't know, I was in my whole junior year of high school with Hayden, and I was pretty busy. Maybe because I'm running after 2 kids now and doing so much stuff? Or maybe this baby is going to keep me up a lot? I really hope not. I've had really good babies, and co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting overall really makes it sooo much easier. However, whatever the reason, I have embraced my daily naps and no longer feel bad or ashamed about it. I have learned that listening to my body is the best thing I can do, and it is telling me to rest for some reason, so rest I must do, and I will go do some more now. =)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Thirty

24 weeks pregnant today =D

I slept a little bit better last night, but was still super tired. Anyways, rolled outta bed (that's too literal now lol) and got Hayden up. Brayden, once again, had lazy bones, so he stayed in bed. I got Hayden's breakfast ready and then his toothbrush and clothes for the day. I went back upstairs and got myself ready as well. Got Brayden ready and came down to Hayden finishing up, and we were off. I just dropped him off at the gate because it was quite chilly and Brayden was still tired. We came back home and ate some breakfast, then I brought my heating pad down and set it up on the couch chair, laid back and relaxed. Brayden was still tired so he climbed up on the couch and laid down. We both ended up passing out for a few hours, and it was so nice. I've been kind of overdoing it the past few days with this cleaning, so this rest is definitely needed.

Afterwards, we got up and ate some lunch. I had a toasted sandwich with leftover chicken and spaghetti and mayonnaise. Definitely a pregnancy craving, and it was goooood. =P I ran out of chicken, so after that I just made a spaghetti sandwich. Brayden had a chicken sandwich and then a spaghetti sandwich. Then, I put on Cars 2 and we just kind of lazed around. I did some emailing and worked on securing a spot for our upcoming FRG meetings. Hopefully more space, tables, and chairs will be more appealing. It was then time to go pick up Hayden. I had a few minutes to spare after arriving, so I checked on where my hypnobabies package was to decide if I should head to the post office afterwards- they've been getting packages later in the afternoon recently, so I thought it may be worth a try. Unfortunately, it had only just left New Jersey at about midnight my time, so it definitely wouldn't have been there. I really can't wait until it gets here now so I can start working on it!

We got out and headed down to the school to wait for Hayden. We grabbed a seat and waited just a few minutes before Hayden came out. We went on home and I made Hayden some lunch. I finished up on some emails, and put Cars back on for the kids. I decided it was a great time to go take an epsom salt bath, so upstairs I went. Of course, Brayden wasn't too far behind lol, so he joined me. No book this time, just relaxing and watching Brayden play with his many bath toys. Luckily he did get out after a while leaving me to have more to relax, but then Hayden came in bugging me to download another game on my phone, and then bugged me to get out so he could get in. He "allowed" me a few more minutes and by then I was getting a little too hot anyways, so I got out and he got in. I dried off, got dressed, and came downstairs to see that Brayden had passed out on the couch. I started cleaning up the living room and moving stuff around so I could finally finish the floors. It turned out to be a lot of work and a lot more time than the rest of the floors because I had so much stuff to move, and then I decided to rearrange things a bit afterwards. I know I'm going to be feeling that tomorrow, but then I will be moving on to either the upstairs or the basement =/. A big house is nice, but it's a lot to keep up with >_<.

By the time I was done Brayden was up and I made us some dinner. Just finished up the leftovers because otherwise they'd end up just sitting there. I didn't have much of an appetite anyways. Then, I had Hayden work on his words and type them up on the computer. I figure it's good to start helping him learn how to type since computers and keyboards are such a staple in today's society. I then threw on Transformers, and just sat. Between my yoga ball and the couch with my feet propped up, it was nice. I can't wait to get into bed on my heating pad tonight. I've been trying to call Denton all day because I haven't talked to him since Sunday, but he's kept his phone off =/ I did tell him not to call me until he heard more info we've been waiting on, and he said that should be some time this week, so I guess it's my fault lol. Nothing important to talk to him about, I just miss talking to him. It stinks that it costs so much, or else we wouldn't have this problem. I really just can't wait for him to get him and spend as much time with us as possible before he has to leave again. This stinks =(


Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine

To say today was a busy day would be an understatement. It's already 2130, and I still have laundry to do after this =/. I didn't sleep so well last night. I woke up early and couldn't really get back to sleep for a while. Of course by the time it was time to get up I was nice and asleep, though. How it always seems to work. Anyways, got up, got Hayden up and prepared for the morning. Brayden had lazy bones so I let him sleep some more. This morning was one of my sorest mornings of the week, but I got through it. I got Hayden to the table with breakfast, set out his clothes, and fixed his toothbrush up, and then I went to take a shower to wake up and get prepared for the day. I got out and got all dressed and ready and finally dragged Brayden out of bed to get ready and made sure Hayden's bag was packed for the day. Out the door we went without a minute to spare. I had much to do so I just dropped Hayden off at the gate, kissed him goodbye, and sent him off. Brayden and I headed out to the commissary to get some breakfast foods, household necessities, and dinner stuff. We got home and I had just enough time to make us both some food, wolf it down, and run upstairs to get more presentable for my "professional" day. My Hawaiian hair was out of control, so all I could do was throw it back in a pony tail lol. No time for anything else.

After that, Brayden and I were on our way to the field house for the 1SG Change of Responsibility Ceremony. There was only other 1 other civilian there I believe, but it's good to support your company and of course find out who's next in a command position when you have to work with him. Brayden did a really good job, he stayed quiet and next to me the whole time. That really helped my nerves. It was over sooner than I thought it would be, so I was still able to make it over to the food handlers class I had planned to go to. It was the first change of command/responsibility reception I've missed, but I've been waiting to take that course for months now. I had a good cushion of time, so no rush, and enough time for me to get lost before finding where I need to be as usual =P. Luckily, though, I saw the signs for the building I needed to go to as I was on the way to the CDC for Brayden. I took Brayden into the CDC, and we hadn't been to this one yet. It was really quite nice looking. We went in and the kids were outside playing, so I put Brayden's stuff away and got him all bundled up and took him outside. I signed him in and introduced him, gave him a kiss, and off he went to play. Again, so glad he does so well in daycare. 

So I headed over to the education center and waited in the classroom. There was quite a turnout, but apparently only about 2 or 3 people usually show up. I forgot my folder somehow and had no paper, so had to just absorb it as best I could. It was mostly common sense material, but some technical stuff and requirements that I did not know about or think about. Good to know for all of our food handling ventures. It ended sooner than I thought it would, so I took 15 minutes to go browse around that post's PX as it is a rare occasion. Nothing much to that place unless I'm looking for furniture, and we just bought our bedroom set from there this year, so we're good until we get to our next post when we'll get the kids all new stuff. Got outta there and headed over to the CDC to pick Brayden up. It was nap time, but they let him stay up since they knew I was coming soon, so he was checking out some books when I came in. He had a great time and told me all about his day.

After that, we headed home which takes a little over half an hour, and had just enough time to eat a little something and relax a little before picking up Hayden. I took the time to clean out the car and get all our library stuff ready to return and my box that I needed to mail off into the car. Brayden slept the whole time. We left and got to the school a few minutes early, so I made a little list of what I needed to do the rest of the day. I had planned to go to an organics store to get some supplements and essential oils, but upon further investigation I found it is in fact closed on Mondays. I guess I will have to put that off until at least tomorrow if I get or feel up to taking the chance. It was time to get out so I get Brayden bundled up and we headed down to the school to wait for Hayden. Luckily, a lady was nice enough to let me sit because I was carrying BraydenBrayden kept telling me he had to go potty, but there was no bathroom in there and it took several trips out to the bushes before he finally agreed to just go lol. So I finally got my customs form filled out, and address on the box, had to wait in line of course, and wait even longer because they are training soldiers right now to help out I guess, and it seemed like the first day. After that was done I went back over to the other side of the post office and picked up my package. I excitedly thought it was my hypnobabies at first, but then I saw the Amazon packaging and knew it was my Kirby vacuum bags. Thank goodness, I've really been needing to replace my bag, and now that I know it only takes 5 days to get here, I will definitely be keeping up with them.

After that, the kids begged to go to the USO for some hot chocolate, so I gave in of course and we went in and had a few cups. Right after we were done, though we headed over to the library to drop our stuff into the drop box. Last thing on the list before we could finally head home. On my way home I got a call from Ms. Maja that people had been trying to get a hold of me all day, but I guess no one thought to call my cell phone or even shoot me a quick email. Upon getting home I noticed no missed calls on my house phone either. Perhaps they were trying to call my husband? Who knows. It was crazy, and could've been so simple, but oh well. Nothing big, all over a form, but I didn't even know anything about this, so I was highly confused. Got it taken care of and had a few laughs in the process. After that, got my dining room cleared out so I could vacuum and steam clean the floors. I love my little hard floor/carpet steamer so much- it is perfect for this house, and so easy. Took me about an hour, and we still hadn't eaten dinner, so I decided I will just have to put off the living room, the last floor on the main level, until tomorrow. After that I can breathe a sigh of relief, and then get right back up and start over again with either the upstairs or the basement lol. I can't wait until it's all done, and makes me wish I still had my mom here to help me. So, I got started on dinner, simple spaghetti with kielbasa, veggies, and garlic bread. We ate real quick, I cleaned up, and went over Hayden's words for the week and tested him , and then we read his book for the day. I sent the boys upstairs for their showers while I got on my email and got stuff done, and input my volunteer hours. I finally surpassed 350 hours for the year. I'm so proud of my self. The kids came back down and I got them ready for bed and sent them to bed and started on this. Soon after I saw the Conrad Murray trial verdict was in, so I of course had to pause life until it came out lol. I was so excited to hear a guilty verdict. I hope the Jackson family feels some sort of closure with it. 

Anyways, as I said, I still have a bit of laundry to get in the dryer, so I will sign off here, get that done, turn my heating pad on, and get to bed. I am soooo ready to sleep. 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Twenty-Eight

I slept a lot better last night thanks to the cool air circulating through the room. Denton decided to call me right before 7 in the morning, much to my chagrin, but luckily he had to go literally 2 or 3 seconds after I answered. I went to the bathroom real quick, turned my heating pad back on, and went back to bed. The kids and I slept in as much as we could. We got up and had breakfast and had some fresh mango and pineapple as well. I need to start buying more mango, because Brayden could probably finish a whole one by himself =P. We finished up and cleaned up. I talked to Denton some more. He's obsessed at the moment with me buying him a Nintendo DS. I never thought I'd have to deal with one of those things in my house, but apparently someone over there has one and he loves to play it.

The kids and I watched some movies and played on and off, and I did some laundry. I decided after a few hours I really needed to lay down, so Brayden and I laid down for a little bit. It was nice. We got up and relaxed around the house some more and cleaned here and there. After a while, I decided to at least get started on tackling my floors, so I got my foyer, hallway, and kitchen vacuumed and steamed. After that, I got down to dinner. We switched over to chicken tonight and I just seasoned and baked it and made some homemade cheesy corn biscuits and peas as well. Surprisingly, Hayden's favorite part was the peas, and Brayden tore up his chicken. I liked it all =) I let the kids have a little bit of ice cream afterwards as well, and I had just a few bites because I was stuffed from dinner. I finished up the dishes, and then sat down with the kids. Once again, I had a few days to catch up on this, and it wasn't fun =/ I'll have to manage my time around this a bit better =P I'll be heading to bed after this. back to getting up early again, but luckily it's another 4 day school week, followed by a 3 day school week. Hayden's got his parent/teacher conference coming up next week, and that will be the deciding factor of whether we're going to keep him in school. I'm just not completely happy with it, and Denton told me this weekend he is finally on board fully supporting me in whatever I decide. That really made me feel good. We shall see in about 2 weeks what we'll do.