Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Thirty-Three

Woke up to the wind this morning. It's quite normal here to be very windy. I just don't want it to blow my gazebo cover off. I'm going to take it down when it starts snowing, but don't want to have to take it down earlier. The kids got up and went down and put a movie on. I heated up some leftovers from dinner for breakfast. We ate and then I relaxed with the kids for a bit before deciding to take charge of the day. I spent the entire day doing stuff that I've been putting off for a while. We still had all our boxes from our bedroom set, so I broke them down, cut them up, and took them to the cardboard bin down the street. I did the same for all the packing paper still left over from when we moved here, as well as a few moving boxes we still had left. This took a good few hours, but I was lucky to have my favorite radio station from back home playing the whole time via the internet. I work so much better when i have my music =) It took a few runs to get it all taken out, and it was freezing outside, 2 degrees celsius according to my car, so it wasn't too fun. Once I was done with that I swept up all the dust that was behind the boxes and then thoroughly vacuumed the basement and the basement stairs. I found some money and quite a few toys in the process, lol. Then, I had to jump on loads of laundry, mostly stuff we'd still had packed away. I got it all put away as well, until I ran out of hangers for the kids' clothes. I guess I'll have to go buy some more. I cleaned out the kids closets and rearranged them, and packed away Hayden's old clothes that Brayden will grow into, and clothes that no longer fit Brayden that will go to the baby if it's a boy (but as always, hoping I will have to send them all to my sister instead because it turns out to be a girl =) )

This all took so long that literally by the time I was done it was dinner time. I had planned to just finish the meatloaf from last night since there was still plenty, and I don't want it to just sit in the fridge and go bad as usual with my leftovers. After dinner, the kids went upstairs and took a bath- not for hygienic purposes, purely for fun lol. Brayden put on some of his new footy pajamas that I had cleaned today, and he was excited about that. I went between relaxing and doing more laundry as loads finished. My right hip is really bugging me now- it's not so fun to step down on my right side, so I'm just trying to take it easy now. After this, I'm going to sit with the kids and finish watching Toy Story 3 with them, put the clothes from the wash into the dryer when the stuff in the dryer is done, and then head off to bed. I tried to call Denton today to wish him a happy Veteran's Day and let him know how proud I am of him, but he has his phone off =/. I really am so proud of him and everyone else he serves with and all those who served before him. I know there are people that do not support the military, but I think they should realize that if it weren't for people like my husband, we would still have an active draft and it's likely their husband/father/brother or someone they love would be in his place, so they could at the very least be thankful for that. Today, I am thankful for my soldier and all he does for this family =)


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