Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day Thirty-Two

Another good night of sleep for all of us. I say all of us because surprisingly Hayden jumped right out of bed when I did when normally I have to wake him up, and Brayden got up right away as well. We all headed downstairs and I got the kids some breakfast and then continued on as usual with the morning. I went over Hayden's words with him one last time as he got dressed to prepare for his test today. We headed out to school and dropped Hayden off at the gate, gave him hugs and kisses, and wished him well on his last day of the week. Brayden and I went back home, I ate some breakfast, and then we sat on the couch looking at his Seek and Find books. We were both quite exhausted, so we tried to lay down on the couch a bit but then retired upstairs in the big bed where it's nice and dark- I don't do so well sleeping with much light. We slept until it was time to get up and get ready for me meeting.

We took a shower and got dressed and went on to the USO. Brayden was happy because he knew he's be getting some hot chocolate, and I was happy because I had gotten an email alert about receiving a package at the post office and thought for sure it was my hypnobabies. We went in, got some hot chocolate, and headed into the conference room for the meeting. They were serving spaghetti which was so very nice because we hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was rather hungry. Brayden sat on my lap and quietly ate some spaghetti as well. They went over some good volunteer opportunities that we can put out to our FRGs and look forward to ourselves. I figure since I'm not working right now, it's good for me to take up a good amount of volunteer opportunities to make use of myself. Well, the meeting didn't last too long, so afterwards I grabbed another plate of spaghetti since Brayden finished most of mine, and let him play and watch Diego in the kid's corner while I finished up. We went over to the post office and unfortunately it wasn't my hypnobabies, but my bathing suit bottom that I had ordered. Oh well, it should be here next week sometime and I can get started on it right away.

We went over to the PX to look around and I finally got to go in to see the Vitamix demonstration- note: I already know how awesome it is, the best part if getting all the samples of the yummy, healthy stuff they make =P. I will own one one day, but that day was not today- I'll wait until I can save up and pay for it in cash, we finance too much and need to put an end to that. Of course it didn't help to pick up the Sunday after Thanksgiving sale and see a 59" Samsung LED HD 3D TV on sale for $1499. That price is insanely good, and we <3 Samsung TVs in this family, but, alas, we will not give in to temptation! Our tv works awesome, and we will upgrade once we get back to the states. Hopefully by then that will be about normal price for one of those TVs, right now they're typically just ridiculous. I may have to tell my family about it, though. They're crazy about buying new TVs for some reason lol. We walked around a bit more to see if there was anything to spark my interest for Christmas shopping, but it was just too crazy in there as today was the start of a 4-day weekend for the garrison. We left outta there and went over to the commissary to get some stuff for dinner. I got mostly veggies and then some meat for meatloaf and got the kids their favorite yogurt drinks. Luckily, they are healthy and were on sale since they'll be expiring soon, but they don't last more than a few hours in the house anyways lol.

By the time we were done it was time to head over and get Hayden. We got our coats on and went on down to wait. Hayden came out shortly after and had a great report from his teacher. We went on home and went through his backpack and he showed me his bus pass to start next week and his spelling test. He got 12 out of 10, the extra 2 points from bonus words! I am so proud of him, and so glad we worked so hard together on his words this week! I let the kids go out and ride their bikes since it's been a while since I let them last, but it's just so darn cold out now. I even had to get my headband and gloves on just to stand out there and watch them, but they really enjoyed it. I took that time as well to switch Hayden's booster seat back over to his True Fit harnessed seat. I've been meaning to do it since my mom left in September, but I just kept putting it off. I believe he's mature enough for the booster seat, but I prefer him in his safer seat until he grows out of it. It's about to get snowy and icy, and driving around here can be crazy sometimes, especially on the autobahn, so I prefer the kids as safe as they can be. Once they were done, we all came in and the kids played while I got started on dinner. I cleaned off the counters and stove to start preparing, and then got to it chopping and mixing. I threw the meatloaf in the oven and then  finally tried my Yoga for Beginners dvdlol. I'm more of a Zumba kinda girl, but there's no way I could be doing that right now with my hip issues. I'd regret it lol. I do have another dvd specifically to use with my yoga ball that I'm willing to try out, though, but if I don't like it either I will be returning them and getting the prenatal specific one. I finished cooking my side dishes and then dinner was ready. Of course as I bring the food out I see that Brayden is passed out on the couch. It stinks because meatloaf is one of his favorite foods, but I knew he'd eat once he got up later.

Hayden and I ate and then decided to make some brownies. He's been asking to make some kind of dessert for a while now, so I gave in tonight. He had a great day, so he deserved it. He helped me make them and we just chilled out while we waited. He put on a Batman movie and I took the brownies out to cool. I cut them up, we had one each, and then I went upstairs to get in the bath. I took my notebook so I could make lists and my phone to listen to the radio. I don't really like the music selection here, so I listen to my favorite stations from back home online or on an app on my phone. Brayden eventually got up and joined me. I stayed in extra long tonight because it was so relaxing. I got Hayden set up to play on the computer and he was good. Once I got out, Brayden was ready to eat so I got him a plate and Hayden went to lay down. Once he was done I talked to Denton for a little bit and then started this. Brayden has since passed out, and I am quite ready for bed myself. I am hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow since Hayden is out of school, so hopefully the kids will let me.


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