Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Twenty-Five

Another great night of sleep last night, always helps. I don't know what I'll do when I start losing sleep. I'm surprised I don't have to get up to go pee all the time yet, but surely that is to come soon especially since I just brought it up. I remember with Brayden it was like clockwork- I'd take my 2 antacids, use the bathroom, go to bed, get up at least once in the middle of the night to go again, and then first thing again after getting out of bed. Not looking forward to it.

Anyways, got up, had a typical morning, got all ready and headed out to school. I forgot to bring along Hayden's picture order form, so I knew I would be having to make a second trip right after. It was a really cold morning this morning, but no frost. We only had to wait 1 or 2 minutes before Hayden's class went in, so it wasn't too bad. Brayden wasn't in the best mood, though. He doesn't like having to do so much walking. Poor child is spoiled, but there's just no way I can be carrying him like normal anymore. We went back home and I picked up the picture form and went right back just to drop it off. After we got back home, I decided I should go ahead and call to try to get an appointment at the clinic to hopefully get some advice or a referral. I specifically asked the guy if I needed to go through the clinic or my midwife for this, and he said the clinic and had me an appointment 45 minutes later. I got Brayden some breakfast real quick and decided to take my chances calling the CDC to see if they had any opening so I didn't have to bring him along. Luckily, they had spots when I needed, so that was a relief. We both finished eating and hurried off to the CDC. He hasn't been in a while so I'm glad he got the chance. I got him all checked in and settled and I headed to my appointment.

It must have been a slow morning at the clinic because as soon as I walked in I got to the front desk (we have to take a number just to get to the front desk). Right after I checked in, my nurse had already walked out and called my name so I went straight back, got my vitals and all the hooplah, and got into the room. About 5 minutes later my Primary Care Manager walked in- she's really nice and I like her. However, she stated right away that she would not be able to help me or refer me at all, I would have to go through my midwife. The doctors at the clinic are not allowed to care for pregnant women with pregnancy-related issues due to legal reasons, it's a bunch of crap. So, a big waste of my time. Once I got in my car I called my midwife and let her know and she would be able to see me in the afternoon. I left there and decided to make use of my remaining CDC time and I headed over the PX to turn in the envelopes for the Santa letters for the kids, browsed the $1 clothes rack up front (nothing good unfortunately, but sometimes I can score some cute shirts for the kids), and grabbed 2 more things of epsom salt and a heating pad. From there I went over to the commissary to grab some stuff from the bakery- the manager was there putting stuff out and he nicely let me try a whole chocolate croissant. I shouldn't have let him do that, it was so good! lol. I also grabbed some more soup and then headed out. I still had a bit more time so thought I'd swing by the library, but unfortunately it wasn't set to open until 11- it was about 10 til and Brayden was only in the CDC until 11, so I just decided to go over and pick him up and we'd head over together.

When I got there he was out riding a little tricycle having fun. He always does such a good job there and has fun, so it really makes me happy. I went to the front desk to pay, and much to my happy surprise I was informed that I am in fact entitled to 16 free hours of childcare per child per month, so I didn't have to pay! I guess I overlooked that benefit in the matrix somehow. That's so nice to know, though. I will have to take advantage of that while I can, but I'm bummed that I missed a whole month of it last month! We went over to the library and caught the last few minutes of story time for the kids. Then, I went and looked for the Prenatal Yoga dvd I had checked out before but never got a chance to even try, but unfortunately it was out. I did end up getting 2 yoga for beginners DVDs though, so maybe I can work with those to my comfort level. Yoga is supposed to be good for my kind of pain, and I'm willing to do anything I can to work to get rid of it, except meds of course lol. I've been waiting for my bikini to come in, and even though I hadn't gotten an email yet that we had received any packages, I decided to go over to the post office just to check. I'm glad I did because it didso very nice. I did end up turning it down 1 or 2 settings after a while, but it still was just great.

So after the nap, it was time to get Hayden. I got up and got ready but had to coax Brayden to get out of bed- he was still sleepy. We got there at a good time but had a few minutes to spare in the car. After a while, Brayden and I headed down to wait for Hayden. It was nice knowing that there is no school tomorrow, so it's like the weekend is already here for us. I do have things to do tomorrow, however, but still not until later in the morning. I got Brayden set up to go to the CDC for one of my meetings, and I know he'll enjoy that. Well, Hayden came happily running out showing me his treat bag with bubbles and German egg for having such a good day, and we headed home. I tidied up our mess from the morning to prepare for Nina (my midwife) coming over, and she was there in no time. The kids played in and out of the house and kept themselves busy, so that was helpful. I talked to her about what I've been feeling, what I thought it was, and she examined me a bit and determined my hips are in fact most likely out of line. She showed my how to tie fabric around my hips to try to help, but it still hurt in my back =/. She also did a little rebozo to help and said my husband should try it as well when he gets home, I'm sure he'll have fun with that lol. She said I should probably see an osteopath to try to get things worked out. I need to call Tricare to see if for 1 they would refer to an osteopath, 2 if Nina could refer me, or if I need to get in to see an OB to get the referral. I hate this stupid process. I just want to go get my help =(. She said I was doing good with the stretched, trying the yoga, the epsom salt baths, the heating pad, the rest, and also recommended a supplement to start taking from the Apotheke. I will try to make it down there tomorrow to get some. It's so nice to have a provider that listens, knows your feelings about things, trusts you, and offers sound advice.

After she left I tried to call Tricare and they were supposed to be open for another half an hour, but of course it just rang and rang and rang, so I guess I will have to try again tomorrow. Hopefully they don't hold up too many hoops for me to jump through for this. After that, I bounced around on my medicine ball a bit and just relaxed. The kids put on Cars 2 and we watched that, and then I got, up to make some dinner. Oh it was yummy. Afterwards, the kids and I sat down and played a few rounds of Cars memory match game. Then, I decided it was to go ahead and get an epsom salt bath in, so I let the kids keep playing and I went upstairs. I got my book ready, the bath ready, got in and settled, and then of course the kids come up. Brayden decided he would join me so I of course begrudgingly obliged. It's become fairly simple for me over the years to still be able to read a book with a noisy child at my feet, so as long as he didn't splash, I was good. Of course Hayden then came in the room and wanted to talk the whole time, so that made it a bit harder, but somehow I managed to absorb 2 wonderful chapters. After a while, Brayden decided to get out and play with Hayden, so I did get a little peaceful time in there. Denton called me so I decided to get out and go lay down on my bed and talk to him for a bit. When he had to go, I came downstairs with the kids and played some more before they decided to pass out on the couch, so I started this. Denton just called again before he had to go to bed for the night. He got a battalion coin tonight from the battalion commander out there, and I'm so proud of him for all the hard work he's doing.  It's cold and snowing out there, and they don't have the warmest conditions, but he sticks it out and doesn't complain too  much lol. I would be a baby out there. The other side of the Army life would definitely not be for me- I'm happy on my side supporting him and the Army all I can, and taking care of our babies. But, that's it from me today. I'm going to get the kids upstairs and then take my butt upstairs and lay on my heating pad and go to sleep.


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