Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Twenty-Seven

[Saturday, 5 November 2011]

This day was a completely lazy day for us. I cleaned up the main floor, but for the most part we lazed around. I did my emails and logged my volunteer hours- the only thing I really needed to do. I took another bath and then we took a nap. Afterwards, we got up and lazed around some more. My neighbors decided to grill some kind of meat and I had my back door propped open so the smell filled my house. We had just had steaks the night before, but there's nothing wrong with steak 2 nights in a row =P. We headed off to the commissary, got a few things from the bakery, some fruit, meat, snacks, and headed home. I stove-cooked some steaks again and finished the rest of dinner. I was definitely ready to sit down and eat after all that drooling in the afternoon. We ate, had a bit of dessert, and then sat down and watched Harry Potter ATDH1. Brayden passed out about halfway through, so I took the time to call my sister and catch up. I also thought it was a great opportunity for another epsom salt bath =D I finished up talking with my sister, and hopped in sans book this time. Just complete relaxation, and no having to share with Brayden. It was nice =) Hayden decided to sit in the bathroom and keep me company, though. I was so proud of him last night because at dinner Brayden had accidentally knocked over his cup of water and Hayden right away said "don't worry about it, Mom, I'll clean it up for you because I know you have a baby and your back hurts and it's hard for you to bend over right now." I couldn't believe my ears. It truly made my day. I have such a sweet boy =) finished up my bath and got out and got washed up and dressed. I got Hayden settled into bed and had promised to read him a book after I brought Brayden up.

I put Brayden on the potty go real quick before bed, and we headed upstairs. By the time I got back up into the room, only 5 minutes later, Hayden was already passed out with my eye cover on. I laid Brayden down and took a cute picture of them. I made sure the bathroom window was open along with the door, and propped the bedroom window open a little more than normal, got ready, and got into bed. I turned on my heating pad under my back, and went on to sleep. No worries, it has an automatic shut-off.  I was off to dreamland in no-time.

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