Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Twenty-Four

Cold and foggy day today. Slept very well and not so much early waking up. I went to sleep with my hypnosis app on as usual, and I fell asleep very quickly. It's a good thing I'm getting all this practice in so when I start Hypnobabies I should hopefully catch on very well.

Hayden and I got up and got our day started, but Brayden had some lazy bones so I let him stay in bed for a while. I got Hayden some breakfast and got his clothes ready and got myself ready. I finally got Brayden up and he was just worried about finding where his Bumblebee toy ended up in the bed lol. I got him ready and we were all off to school. I got Hayden in just in time as they were walking to the classroom. Brayden and I got home and ate some breakfast, and then headed upstairs to take a nice hot epsom salt bath. I got another chapter into my book, and Brayden didn't even splash it =P. Afterwards, I got him all washed up and out, and then I took a shower to get cleaned up. I took the time after that to lotion up really good and then stretched as much as I could for about 20 minutes to help my sore joints and muscles. I don't ever remember feeling so much pain in my last 2 pregnancies. I really should call and see if I can get some kind of massage or physical therapy through Tricare. I went ahead and repainted my nails as well- it always makes me feel good =).

After that, I got dressed and decided to hop on some laundry to do all day. I let Brayden pick out a new pair of underwear he got for his birthday, and he decided to go for Thomas the Train. He helped me do the laundry and clean up the toy room. I had a meeting to go to soon, so I wanted to get done as much as I could. Denton called just to talk for a little and see how our day was going and talked to Brayden for a little. We went over key points from the meeting last night, especially financial plans for the next 2 years. Deployments really make things different, and communication and planning are key. As soon as we got off the phone, it was time for us to go. Brayden grabbed his Bumblebee and we were off. We got into the DFAC, paid, got our seats, and went and grabbed our food. We came on a good day, it was all so yummy =)  We sat down to eat and had some nice chatter before the meeting began. Brayden was such a good boy. He finished his food and played with his toy, and then wanted to sit with me and slept the rest of the meeting. We got some good information in, and I'm getting excited about the events and schedule ahead.

After the meeting, we headed over to the post office and then the USO to relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The USO here has some of the best, frothiest hot chocolate I've ever had, so we love to stop in when we can. We headed home after that and I continued on back to back laundry of mostly linens and regular cleaning. I got in just a little when we had to head out to get Hayden. I took my laptop so I could get some notes in before I had to leave the car. Brayden played with his Bumblebee the whole time, but of course right before we needed to get out of the car he passed out hard. I fumbled to get him out of his seat and his jacket on. As soon as I shut the door and started walking, Hayden came running up to the car, just a few seconds too late, lol, but at least I didn't have to walk all the way down with Brayden to get him; that would've killed my back and hips. We went on home, and once again continued on with the back to back laundry and more cleaning. I put the new Cars movie from Brayden's birthday on for the kids, answered a few emails, and continued on with the cleaning. Denton called and we talked for maybe 2 spontaneous minutes. Those are good =) I finished up with vacuuming the whole main floor, which led me to ordering some more vacuum bags online. The only con to owning a Kirby vacuum is the lack of retail to buy parts, so my only option here is online.

Finally able to cook some dinner and sit down and eat. It felt like it was extremely late, but it was only about 1830! After dinner Brayden laid down on the couch and passed out, and I worked with Hayden on his words and reading before getting more laundry done. I also went up to the attic and brought down my yoga ball to hopefully get some relief from so much pain while doing stuff around the house since regular chairs and even my couch do not help at all. I finished folding one last bit of laundry, and decided that was it for me. I put on a movie, the kids were already passed out, and I started this. Denton called and we talked for maybe 5 minutes to say goodnight, and when I finish this I'm heading upstairs and falling out, hoping for a better feeling day tomorrow =(


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