Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day Twenty-Three

Today was a great day. 23 weeks pregnant and my little man's 3rd birthday. I slept pretty decently compared to the night before which helped a lot. I had slathered some Vick's on my chest, put the humidifier on the radiator with a few drops of tea tree oil in it, propped my pillows up, and had a glass of water on the nightstand just in case. I also rubbed some Icy Hot on my lower back from the pain of walking, which was nice at first, however, I did wake up at one point feeling like that area of my back was literally on fire, but I was too tired to get up and rub it off. I just kept imagining sending a telepathic request out to anyone and everyone that could hear me to please come to me house and wipe that crap off my back LOL. Somehow, though, I did my best to get over it and get back to sleep. I did feel myself trying to wake up a the wrong time, but didn't stress and tried my best to stay asleep until the alarm.

I got up out of bed, turned on the light, and sang Happy Birthday to Brayden. He woke up all smiles =D. We all went downstairs and got into our routine to get Hayden to school. It was another cold morning, but not cold enough for frost or anything. As we were just about to go Denton called and had me put him on speaker, he told Brayden happy birthday, and then he and all the soldiers in his tent (a lot of them) sang Happy Birthday to Brayden. I cried, it was the best start to the day ever. Brayden was so happy to hear that. After that though he had to go off to formation and we had to head out to school. We got Hayden to school, waited for his class to go in, and Brayden and I went to the commissary for his request of oatmeal for breakfast. I also let him pick out some popsicles since it's been so long since I've bought some for them. He got his D-D-Dora popsicles lol. We went home, ate some oatmeal, had a popsicle, and cleaned up. Brayden played and I checked my emails to prepare for my day. It was FRG night, so I had to get ready. I was in pain, though, as I knew I'd be from last night's walking. Felt like someone had punched me in my right thigh =(. I ended up having to lay down a bit with Brayden. After a while though, I decided we should head out to the PX to shop for his birthday so we'd have enough time to do that and get things for the night at the commissary before we had to get Hayden. I decided I was going to make the same carrot cake I had made him for his first birthday courtesy of www.wholesomebabyfood.com

I got Brayden up and ready and off we went. I picked up the sales papers again because they're having a big toy sale for Christmas shopping. I already knew I was going to get him Transformers and Cars stuff, and some more underwear as well. I am proud to say that in just the last week he's gone from diapers to underwear all day and night and peeing *and* pooping in the potty in and out of the house. The poop part was the real accomplishment. It was almost as if he was too afraid to do it anywhere other than his diaper, but one day this week he went and did it all by himself and hasn't looked back. Anyways, we went straight for the toys section and eyed the Transformers immediately. Got 2 of those and then got the Cars memory match game on sale that I definitely wanted for him. Ended up having to move to the next aisle due to this impatient lady bulldozing her way through knowing darn well she wasn't even going to buy anything (she ended up in checkout behind me and sure enough, not one toy in her cart *rolls eyes*), but saw the funnest Mater toy from Cars and decided to grab that as well. Went back to the powerzone section to check out what the new release of the week was, and wouldn't you know it was Cars 2 with the Blu-Ray on sale for $19.95, so of course we scooped that up. After that we headed over to the birthday section so I could get him a birthday boy crown. Funnily, they had the Birthday *Girl* buttons, but none for boys, so I decided to buy him a gold crown and then some blue sparkly letters to stick on there that said Birthday Boy. Underwear was the last thing on the list, so over to the kids section, picked some out, and checked out. I was going to use my gift card one of my wonderful soccer parents got me, but unfortunately systems were down and cash and credit were the only options. Oh well, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so I will need that care down the line sometime.

I stopped at one of the table outside the coffee shop and got Brayden

I love this recipe because it's from scratch and has great ingredients. It did take a while to prepare though, so by the time I got it in the oven there was no way I'd be able to make the biscuits, but oh well. I had my favorite radio station form back home playing online to keep me going. Music while cooking or cleaning is just the best. I took that time while it was baking to go ahead and make my notes and get organized for the meeting. Once the cake was in the oven I cleaned up everything I had just used and cleared the counter to prepare to make the icing. When the cake was done, I sat each pan on a chair in front of the open back door to start cooling, and then got started on the icing. I didn't make the icing last time when I made the cake before, so wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but oh my goodness was it delicious. I will have to make that icing again and again from now on. It was so easy to make, too! So, I got the cake iced, popped it in the freezer to set a bit and went upstairs and changed. After that, got the kids in the car and all my stuff, and we headed out. We got their and helped set everything up and got situated and prepared as the first few people arrived shortly after. We had a wonderful speaker come talk about finances which will be very helpful during the deployment. As always, great info was put out by everyone involved. After all the talking, it was time to dig in. Our potluck theme for the night was Thanksgiving recipes, so yummy, yummy food all around, including some fabulous desserts =). I took the time to make it around the room and talk to people as best as I could and still eat at the same time. I was in a great mood because of the great food, great turnout, and of course because of Brayden's birthday. He came home with another duck for his birthday as well, which he loved.

By the end of the meeting, people were heading out, and it was time to clean up and head home. I didn't realize until I was walking out of the company that I had missed a bunch of calls from Denton. Whoops lol. I called him back and talked to him and told him about our day and Brayden's wonderful birthday, and thanked him again for the wonderful surprise singing in the morning and how appreciated it was. During the call I heard the weirdest sound from my phone. I looked and saw that it was a notification from eBay. I had won the Hypnobabies Home Study Course that I had bid on but totally didn't expect to win. I was in shock, completely stunned. I hadn't told Denton about it because I thought for sure my low max bid would be outbid, but he was fine with it thank the Lord. I'd wanted this since I was pregnant with Brayden, just never thought I'd actually be able to get it, but I had to get it now lol. At the end, he talked to the kids for a bit and told them goodnight, and talked to Brayden about his birthday for a bit before saying by and heading to bed. After that, I finished wrapping up Brayden's presents and brought them downstairs for him to open. Yes, he helped pick them out, but that doesn't mean he should lose out on the funnest part of the day =P. He opened them up excitedly and then I opened them from their packages so they could play. I set up the match game and we all played a round before bed. After that, we cleaned up and headed upstairs. Hayden fell asleep very soon, and Brayden played on my phone as I did Paypal stuff and paid for my winning on eBay. I got into this, and am so ready to sign off and head to bed. It was a fabulous day, and I can't believe it's over already. Ready for my husband to come home so all can be right with the world again.


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