Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine

To say today was a busy day would be an understatement. It's already 2130, and I still have laundry to do after this =/. I didn't sleep so well last night. I woke up early and couldn't really get back to sleep for a while. Of course by the time it was time to get up I was nice and asleep, though. How it always seems to work. Anyways, got up, got Hayden up and prepared for the morning. Brayden had lazy bones so I let him sleep some more. This morning was one of my sorest mornings of the week, but I got through it. I got Hayden to the table with breakfast, set out his clothes, and fixed his toothbrush up, and then I went to take a shower to wake up and get prepared for the day. I got out and got all dressed and ready and finally dragged Brayden out of bed to get ready and made sure Hayden's bag was packed for the day. Out the door we went without a minute to spare. I had much to do so I just dropped Hayden off at the gate, kissed him goodbye, and sent him off. Brayden and I headed out to the commissary to get some breakfast foods, household necessities, and dinner stuff. We got home and I had just enough time to make us both some food, wolf it down, and run upstairs to get more presentable for my "professional" day. My Hawaiian hair was out of control, so all I could do was throw it back in a pony tail lol. No time for anything else.

After that, Brayden and I were on our way to the field house for the 1SG Change of Responsibility Ceremony. There was only other 1 other civilian there I believe, but it's good to support your company and of course find out who's next in a command position when you have to work with him. Brayden did a really good job, he stayed quiet and next to me the whole time. That really helped my nerves. It was over sooner than I thought it would be, so I was still able to make it over to the food handlers class I had planned to go to. It was the first change of command/responsibility reception I've missed, but I've been waiting to take that course for months now. I had a good cushion of time, so no rush, and enough time for me to get lost before finding where I need to be as usual =P. Luckily, though, I saw the signs for the building I needed to go to as I was on the way to the CDC for Brayden. I took Brayden into the CDC, and we hadn't been to this one yet. It was really quite nice looking. We went in and the kids were outside playing, so I put Brayden's stuff away and got him all bundled up and took him outside. I signed him in and introduced him, gave him a kiss, and off he went to play. Again, so glad he does so well in daycare. 

So I headed over to the education center and waited in the classroom. There was quite a turnout, but apparently only about 2 or 3 people usually show up. I forgot my folder somehow and had no paper, so had to just absorb it as best I could. It was mostly common sense material, but some technical stuff and requirements that I did not know about or think about. Good to know for all of our food handling ventures. It ended sooner than I thought it would, so I took 15 minutes to go browse around that post's PX as it is a rare occasion. Nothing much to that place unless I'm looking for furniture, and we just bought our bedroom set from there this year, so we're good until we get to our next post when we'll get the kids all new stuff. Got outta there and headed over to the CDC to pick Brayden up. It was nap time, but they let him stay up since they knew I was coming soon, so he was checking out some books when I came in. He had a great time and told me all about his day.

After that, we headed home which takes a little over half an hour, and had just enough time to eat a little something and relax a little before picking up Hayden. I took the time to clean out the car and get all our library stuff ready to return and my box that I needed to mail off into the car. Brayden slept the whole time. We left and got to the school a few minutes early, so I made a little list of what I needed to do the rest of the day. I had planned to go to an organics store to get some supplements and essential oils, but upon further investigation I found it is in fact closed on Mondays. I guess I will have to put that off until at least tomorrow if I get or feel up to taking the chance. It was time to get out so I get Brayden bundled up and we headed down to the school to wait for Hayden. Luckily, a lady was nice enough to let me sit because I was carrying BraydenBrayden kept telling me he had to go potty, but there was no bathroom in there and it took several trips out to the bushes before he finally agreed to just go lol. So I finally got my customs form filled out, and address on the box, had to wait in line of course, and wait even longer because they are training soldiers right now to help out I guess, and it seemed like the first day. After that was done I went back over to the other side of the post office and picked up my package. I excitedly thought it was my hypnobabies at first, but then I saw the Amazon packaging and knew it was my Kirby vacuum bags. Thank goodness, I've really been needing to replace my bag, and now that I know it only takes 5 days to get here, I will definitely be keeping up with them.

After that, the kids begged to go to the USO for some hot chocolate, so I gave in of course and we went in and had a few cups. Right after we were done, though we headed over to the library to drop our stuff into the drop box. Last thing on the list before we could finally head home. On my way home I got a call from Ms. Maja that people had been trying to get a hold of me all day, but I guess no one thought to call my cell phone or even shoot me a quick email. Upon getting home I noticed no missed calls on my house phone either. Perhaps they were trying to call my husband? Who knows. It was crazy, and could've been so simple, but oh well. Nothing big, all over a form, but I didn't even know anything about this, so I was highly confused. Got it taken care of and had a few laughs in the process. After that, got my dining room cleared out so I could vacuum and steam clean the floors. I love my little hard floor/carpet steamer so much- it is perfect for this house, and so easy. Took me about an hour, and we still hadn't eaten dinner, so I decided I will just have to put off the living room, the last floor on the main level, until tomorrow. After that I can breathe a sigh of relief, and then get right back up and start over again with either the upstairs or the basement lol. I can't wait until it's all done, and makes me wish I still had my mom here to help me. So, I got started on dinner, simple spaghetti with kielbasa, veggies, and garlic bread. We ate real quick, I cleaned up, and went over Hayden's words for the week and tested him , and then we read his book for the day. I sent the boys upstairs for their showers while I got on my email and got stuff done, and input my volunteer hours. I finally surpassed 350 hours for the year. I'm so proud of my self. The kids came back down and I got them ready for bed and sent them to bed and started on this. Soon after I saw the Conrad Murray trial verdict was in, so I of course had to pause life until it came out lol. I was so excited to hear a guilty verdict. I hope the Jackson family feels some sort of closure with it. 

Anyways, as I said, I still have a bit of laundry to get in the dryer, so I will sign off here, get that done, turn my heating pad on, and get to bed. I am soooo ready to sleep. 


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