Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Twenty-Six

[Friday, 4 November 2011]

Ok, so I slacked off again, but my weekends I like to save for lazing around with my babies, not getting stuck on a computer rambling about my day to Lord knows who =P

So Friday was an atypical day. Hayden was out of school, and I had things to do. Luckily I could sleep about an extra hour longer, however, I didn't sleep so well at night. It was too hot in my room due to my not leaving the bathroom window open to let the air circulate, but of course I was way too lazy to get up and open it, so I lay there miserable sleeping on and off. Anyways, we got up, took a shower, got ready and ate some breakfast. First stop was a WIC appointment for Brayden and I. I love how here there's never anyone else but us there, and there's plenty of good toys to keep the kids busy. We got our weights and measurements. Alas, 2 days in a row proving that my scale at home is way off. I thought it was for a while, but I've been putting off replacing it. Now all but 1 of my weights in my Mutterpass are off. Oh well, it's a good thing my midwife doesn't care too much about the weight gain, and neither do I. I'm pretty much right at what's normal for me in pregnancy, and staying as active as I can with my hip pain, so I'm good. We were done and out, and I decided to head over to Tricare to try to figure out this referral craziness. I talked to one lady about it, and she sent me to another lady who sent me back to the first lady, and ended up being told basically what I have to do is: go to the clinic to get a referral to an OB, wait for the referral to go through, make an appt with that OB, get evaluated and recommendation for treatment from OB and if it involves a referral I then have to make an appt back at the clinic to turn in the referral, and then that doctor will have to turn in my referral. The referral will take time to be approved, and then I will have to make an appt with whomever I am referred to. Crazy, crazy, insane, crazy. So, I went over to the clinic to get the referral for the OB, and that won't even be ready for me to pick up until the 21st! SO just to recap, the 21st will come around, I will call the OB to make an appt, wait for the appt, go to the appt, possibly get a referral, make another appt at the clinic to turn in the referral, have the doctor put it in, wait for it to go through, and then finally make an appt with whomever I need to see. The baby is likely to be here by then LOL. We shall see.

Then, we went home and ate a bit of lunch before we had to go back out again. I got my folder ready, last second emails, and then we were out again. I had to drop Brayden off at the CDC because small children weren't recommended at the meeting I was going to so things could go by more smoothly. I have the free hours anyways, so not too bad- he loves playing with the other kids anyways. I kinda wish I could get him in part time so he would be able to play like he likes to, but can't afford it. Hayden was going to have to come with me because I couldn't get him into care- there would be stuff for him to do anyways, so he'd be ok. We went over to the USO and checked in at the meeting, put my stuff down, and then I got Hayden set up with one of our neighbor kids with the Wii and a cup of hot chocolate. He'd be well taken care of with all that lol. I grabbed myself some hot chocolate and went in and sat down ready for the meeting. It was an informational meeting for the gift wrapping table fundraiser at the PX we'd be doing. It was very, very informative, I don't think we'll have any issues, other than being able to wrap presents very well lol. I am ok at wrapping presents, but certainly not perfect. It was a lottery among 25 organizations to choose our time slots over the month, and I drew #9, so not so bad. We ended up getting 4 picks, and 3 of the 4 were pretty good. We finished just in time to pick Brayden up before his reserved time was over.

We headed over to the commissary to get some stuff for dinner and headed home. I cooked up some steaks, rice, bread, and salad, and it was good. After dinner we cleaned up and settled in for the night. Nice and relaxing with the boys. I was exhausted and wanted nothing to do but relax. I took a nice epsom salt bath, and then we all headed off to bed.

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