Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Thirty

24 weeks pregnant today =D

I slept a little bit better last night, but was still super tired. Anyways, rolled outta bed (that's too literal now lol) and got Hayden up. Brayden, once again, had lazy bones, so he stayed in bed. I got Hayden's breakfast ready and then his toothbrush and clothes for the day. I went back upstairs and got myself ready as well. Got Brayden ready and came down to Hayden finishing up, and we were off. I just dropped him off at the gate because it was quite chilly and Brayden was still tired. We came back home and ate some breakfast, then I brought my heating pad down and set it up on the couch chair, laid back and relaxed. Brayden was still tired so he climbed up on the couch and laid down. We both ended up passing out for a few hours, and it was so nice. I've been kind of overdoing it the past few days with this cleaning, so this rest is definitely needed.

Afterwards, we got up and ate some lunch. I had a toasted sandwich with leftover chicken and spaghetti and mayonnaise. Definitely a pregnancy craving, and it was goooood. =P I ran out of chicken, so after that I just made a spaghetti sandwich. Brayden had a chicken sandwich and then a spaghetti sandwich. Then, I put on Cars 2 and we just kind of lazed around. I did some emailing and worked on securing a spot for our upcoming FRG meetings. Hopefully more space, tables, and chairs will be more appealing. It was then time to go pick up Hayden. I had a few minutes to spare after arriving, so I checked on where my hypnobabies package was to decide if I should head to the post office afterwards- they've been getting packages later in the afternoon recently, so I thought it may be worth a try. Unfortunately, it had only just left New Jersey at about midnight my time, so it definitely wouldn't have been there. I really can't wait until it gets here now so I can start working on it!

We got out and headed down to the school to wait for Hayden. We grabbed a seat and waited just a few minutes before Hayden came out. We went on home and I made Hayden some lunch. I finished up on some emails, and put Cars back on for the kids. I decided it was a great time to go take an epsom salt bath, so upstairs I went. Of course, Brayden wasn't too far behind lol, so he joined me. No book this time, just relaxing and watching Brayden play with his many bath toys. Luckily he did get out after a while leaving me to have more to relax, but then Hayden came in bugging me to download another game on my phone, and then bugged me to get out so he could get in. He "allowed" me a few more minutes and by then I was getting a little too hot anyways, so I got out and he got in. I dried off, got dressed, and came downstairs to see that Brayden had passed out on the couch. I started cleaning up the living room and moving stuff around so I could finally finish the floors. It turned out to be a lot of work and a lot more time than the rest of the floors because I had so much stuff to move, and then I decided to rearrange things a bit afterwards. I know I'm going to be feeling that tomorrow, but then I will be moving on to either the upstairs or the basement =/. A big house is nice, but it's a lot to keep up with >_<.

By the time I was done Brayden was up and I made us some dinner. Just finished up the leftovers because otherwise they'd end up just sitting there. I didn't have much of an appetite anyways. Then, I had Hayden work on his words and type them up on the computer. I figure it's good to start helping him learn how to type since computers and keyboards are such a staple in today's society. I then threw on Transformers, and just sat. Between my yoga ball and the couch with my feet propped up, it was nice. I can't wait to get into bed on my heating pad tonight. I've been trying to call Denton all day because I haven't talked to him since Sunday, but he's kept his phone off =/ I did tell him not to call me until he heard more info we've been waiting on, and he said that should be some time this week, so I guess it's my fault lol. Nothing important to talk to him about, I just miss talking to him. It stinks that it costs so much, or else we wouldn't have this problem. I really just can't wait for him to get him and spend as much time with us as possible before he has to leave again. This stinks =(


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