Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Twenty-Two

The date is finally correct. This will be me entirely catching up. My sleep last night was miserable to say the least. My nose is still clogged, so it had me ending up sleeping with my mouth open all night causing dry mouth, and it kept waking me up. I was way too tired to get up and get anything to drink or blow my nose, so I just slept miserably. My body is also apparently still trying to adjust to the daylight saving time, because I really woke up this morning thinking it *had* to be minutes before my alarm was set to go off, and it was 530 instead of 630. Dratz. Not only could I not sleep, but my body was already trying to wake up when it shouldn't have been. I'm not looking forward to adjusting to this. I tried my best to fall back to sleep, but I have such a hard time with that after I've already woken up so much. To top it off, it was really hot in the room adding to the miserable scale. I guess I did get back to sleep a bit sometime because when my alarm finally went off at 640 it woke me up. I snoozed it until 7 as usual =P.

After that, I got up, brushed my teeth and washed my face, got Hayden up, and got him downstairs for breakfast. As he ate, I replaced the patched on his jeans he'd be wearing today. The third set of patches on 1 pair of pants alone. I swear I'd be broke from buying this kid new pants is I hadn't found these patches lol, he's just so rough and clumsy. Anyways, I got him all set p to get dressed and ready after he ate, and about that time Brayden came down. I got him set up and dressed as well. I still had enough time to take a quick shower and get dressed, and I really needed it to wake up. After all that, it was time to head to school. It was cool, but not overly freezing this morning. I took Hayden in to his classroom, and Brayden and I headed home. We ate some breakfast and then I did some laundry. I checked my emails and responded to a few. I looked over to find that Brayden was so tired that he passed out on the floor while playing with his toys. That was a perfect cue for a nice morning nap. We went upstairs, got comfortable, and laid down. I got up about 2 hours later while Brayden continued to sleep and cleaned up downstairs. I did some more laundry, put dishes away, and put more in the dishwasher. I paid our car insurance and Denton's credit card since we got paid today. After all that it was about time to head out to pick up Hayden. I had enough time to make a little lunch for Brayden and I and to sit down and get our phone bills ready to pay after picking up Hayden.

By the time we left, it was really nice out. Warm almost. Brayden decided to stay in his tank top, though, so I did put him in a light jacket, but I was fine in my regular shirt. We headed up and waited for Hayden. As soon as Hayden got out, we went straight to the ATM and then on to the phone company to pay the bills. After that, I had to go on to post to get some gas, and then we headed home to get ready for trick or treating. I had to drag the kids' buckets out, got a stroller ready because I knew Brayden wouldn't have walking all the way, got some glow sticks out to make necklaces with, taped some lights to the kids buckets, got a bookbag to put on the stroller to dump the candy as their buckets filled, put our blow-up Halloween cat out front, taped a poster on our front door that read "NO CANDY" so I didn't have to worry about people coming by the house (no one was going to be home, so there was no point in getting candy this year), got the kids all ready, and took some pictures of them while it was still daylight out. They were ready and rearing to go, but we had to wait until 5 o'clock to start. I locked up my car, locked my backyard gate, and locked our front door. I do not trust these potentially crazy people lol, especially since there are many Germans that come up to our neighborhood just to trick or treat because Germans do not celebrate Halloween. Not to say that Germans are crazy house-robbers, but I just prefer to lock up when I know a bunch of strangers are going to be coming by my house.

5 o'clock rolled around so we decided to head out. Our neighbors put on an awesome, scary walkthrough in their backyard, but we always make it the last stop so we'll go through when it's dark. We ended up going out with a friend on our street whose kid is friends with Hayden and husband is also deployed with Dentonspooktacular* time no matter what. Brayden was lazy as usual and spent his time in the stroller in between houses, but he didn't fall asleep =). About half way or so in, however, I was pretty much numb from the waist down,  not from the cold, from the walking, but I trucked on to get our full 2 hours in for the kids. We went across the neighborhood, but the further we went direction and time-wise, the deader the streets. I guess people underestimated how much candy they really needed to buy for all these kids lol.

We headed home and hit up the neighbors house for our last stop. It proved nice and scary as usual. I had to keep reminding the kids it was just the neighbors and their friends under there and not to be scared. They got through, got their candy, and we headed home. I hadn't planned anything for dinner, so I let the kid dump their candy out, pick one piece each, and we headed for the food court to eat. I was glad I did because they had a table there where they were taking pictures of all the kids individually to enter them into some costume contest, and they gave each child a ticket for a free kids meal anywhere in the food court, and a free movie ticket through the end of November. I got the kids food, sat them down to eat, and went on to get my food. We sat down and ate, and headed home.

I immediately got the kids undressed and got them in a nice epsom salt bath to soothe their tired bodies. After they were done, I got them dressed and ready for bed and then got in my own nice epsom salt bath with the added luxury of a lit pumpkin-scented candle. I really, really needed that. I also got another chapter in on my book How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor. This chapter was a lot about pregnancy, the importance of breastfeeding, and the importance of overall nutrition and how typically doctors know nothing about the importance of good nutrition and the impact it can have on one's health. I really love this book. After I finished a chapter, I put it down, turned over on my sad, and relaxed and felt and watched the baby kick. I guess he/she enjoyed Mama relaxing as well. I finished up and sprayed myself down with cold water, got out, and got dressed. I came down and did a little more laundry and folded up the blankets that I had done today. I also brought in our blow-up cat, and then just sat down to catch up on all these posts I had missed this weekend. I hate getting behind on things, and will try my best to keep up with this daily so I don't have to take the time to do this again. My husband may be home much sooner than later which is bitter sweet because it would be so he can deploy with his company in February, but it is what it is. I want him home ASAP so we can spend as much time with him as we can, and so I can stop paying $1/minute just to talk to him =P. We're inseparable ;). After I close this, I will be blowing my nose, heading to bed, and hoping for a much better night than the last. =/


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