Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Seventeen

A much warmer day today, but still cold for normal Elizabeth standards lol.

Got up this morning, had Hayden take a quick shower, and went to for a normal morning routine. Spiked his hair all up for crazy hair day and took him to school. Brayden and I came home and ate some breakfast and got ready to head to the farm. The drive wasn't too bad, wasn't really foggy so that was good. Definitely got the hang of using the machine now so I'm in an out as soon as my glasses are filled. Brayden always gets excited when I come back to the car with the milk. "You got the milk, Mom?!" he says =) We headed back home, dropped off the milk, and then went to the commissary for a few things. It's so nice to go in the morning when no one is there. We came back home and I checked my emails and talked to Denton for a bit. Yeah, I know, racking up a phone bill, but I just can't stay away from my man lol. I miss him so much.

After that, Brayden and I decided it was time for a nap. Soccer was tonight, so I needed all the rest I could get. We got up to go get Hayden, and Brayden wasn't quite ready to get up, but he did begrudgingly. Went to get Hayden, la-di-dah, and came back home. We worked on his reading and his spelling words a while and then I had him work on more reading while I made some lunch and cleaned up a bit. Soon, it was time to get ready for soccer. I got Hayden all dressed up which takes the longest, then Brayden, and finally myself. I got all our stuff ready, and we were off. It takes a good while to get to the other post where we were playing, so we had to leave early. The drive wasn't bad. I'm so glad to have the new one community road that connects both the posts together so I no longer have to drive on the regular roads. We got there, I took Brayden to the bathroom since we're now working really hard on potty training- no diapers in the last 3 days! I was a little iffy about not putting him in at least a pull-up for the game since I knew I'd be occupied for at least an hour and he may end up having an accident, but I think making him go right before the game helped us out. Our kids played so very well. I was so proud of them. Hayden scored quite a few goals as well, so it was a great ending for him. As always, I worked to instill good teamwork and sportsmanship. It was wonderful seeing them play so well, but I really am relieved that now I can just sit down and watch from now on. It was really taking a toll on my hips anyways. I really need to ask my midwife if she knows a good chiropractor or something similar around here who could help me =/. Anyways, once we were done, I gave the boys their medals, and then a few of us headed over to the BK with the playland so the boys could play one last time and celebrate. One of the moms gave me a nice candle and gift card for the PX to show appreciation. That was so nice and thoughtful. Another mom decided to pay for my and the kids food. I almost cried. I never expect my parents to do anything for me or pay me back in any way because despite all the bickering, I really enjoy working with the kids and seeing their hard work pay off and just seeing them have fun, but it's so nice when someone shows such appreciation. I hope to pay it forward with my kids future coaches as well.

Well, I saw that I had missed a few calls from Denton while at the game, so I decided to call him back, and he ended up giving me some pretty surprising news. I won't reveal anything right now due to OPSEC, and of course in case anything changes, but this changes a whole lot if it remains. The kids ate and had a great time playing, and we stayed for about an hour until it closed. We headed home and it was a bit foggy, but not as bad as it will be. We got in, got Hayden all undressed, and then I sent the kids to the shower. I made shower was all nice and clean because he sure was covered in sweat, ick. Once they were done I called Denton and let Brayden talk to him some more and I talked to him some more before he had to go. I relaxed with the kids and got online for a bit. The baby was kicking up a storm so I let the kids feel and they felt the baby for the first time. They thought it was pretty cool. Brayden also talked to the baby a little bit which was cute. I think he really likes the idea of a baby right now, but not sure if that will stick once the baby finally comes and gets so much attention. If he's anything like Hayden, though, he will be an *awesome* big brother. The baby was also doing a lot more that could be seen on the outside which is pretty new. That's so much fun to see- the baby show sometimes known as the alien in the belly show. lol. The kids soon fell asleep on the couch and I browsed around facebook and our yardsale


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