Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Fourteen

2 weeks down.

Well, this morning was busy. I slept in just a little bit, but then got up, made us all breakfast, and got started on operation rehome Shrek day. I got all of his stuff together and then vacuumed the floors and cleaned the tables. The whole time I kept reminding the kids, especially Brayden, that Shrek would be going to a new home today so that they would both be prepared. I let Brayden play with him as much as possible since he's his best friend. They ran around, had slap fights, etc, and it was cute to watch. The guy finally showed up and Shrek took to home better than any other stranger in our entire experience with him. Usually he'll just try to duck and run, but he was jumping up on him and running all around him and letting him pet him. It was so unusual, but it was really nice at the same time to see Shrek so comfortable immediately. I got good vibes from this guy and his family, so I'm really optimistic about it. I let him know if he had any concerns or if it just doesn't work out that I would gladly take him back and try again to find a good home. The boys gave him hugs and said their goodbyes, and they did really well with it. I've been asking them throughout the day how they are and to be open about it so they know I care and I can try my best to get them through it, and they seem to be doing well so far. Soon afterwards, the neighbors let their dogs out and they just stared at our back door waiting for Shrek to come out and play- it was so pitiful.

After Shrek left, the kids and I got ready and went to the library to take stuff back and get more movies and books. Tomorrow and Tuesday is when Hayden's school will be doing that stupid flu drive, so he will be staying home, so we got stuff to get us through. I'll probably pull out all my workbooks to do with them both as well so he's still getting some work done. We got home and got started on movies right away. It was so nice getting to relax with the boys. Brayden and I passed out for a while and I got up when Denton called. We only talked a few minutes and then he had to go, but it's always so nice to get to hear his voice. The rest of the day was pretty much the same, the boys and I relaxing together, watching movies, eating dinner, playing games. It's different adjusting to the house with Shrek gone. I opened up all the bedroom doors, didn't take the food away from the table right away, kept the back door closed most of the day, and much more. But, coming upstairs to my room to retire for the night was a tiny bit sad. Normally Shrek's kennel is right outside our door and he follows me up and heads right in to go to bed, but tonight I didn't have a kennel door to lock or dog to say goodnight to. I know he is in good hands, though, and that's all that matters.

But now I think it's to go ahead and go to bed. Both boys are passed out and I'm just about ready to close my eyes.


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