Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Nineteen

[Friday October 28, 2011]

I am soooo sorry I have missed a few days. It was a lonnnng busy weekend to say the least, and pregnancy exhaustion took over. I decided my sleep at night was more important than this for a few days, but I'll try my best to rack my pregnancy brain and catch up!

SOoooooo, Friday morning was another regular morning. It was finally the weekend, so that was the best part. Hayden was off to school and Brayden and I came home to eat breakfast and relax. I had emails to do, and posters to make, but I decided to put the posters off until after Hayden got home from school because I know my mornings are not so productive; it takes me a while to really wake up my brain, and by the time I'm almost there, it's nap time lol. So Brayden and I just had a typical morning, playing games, watching a movie, I did some dishes and laundry. After all was said and done, like I said, it was nap time. We got up to go get Hayden from school, and then I had to go straight to the stores to get my supplies and also some things for dinner.

It was 4 o'clock when I heard my infamous calendar reminder go off when I was in the middle of shopping at the commissary. "What in the world do I have planned?" I thought to myself. See, if I don't put these reminders in my phone, I wouldn't make it anywhere, lol. I looked and saw that it was the parent/son pancake dinner to raise awareness for Domestic Violence scheduled 2 hours later at the post about 35 minutes away (plus driving around to find the building time lol). Woops. Been planned for weeks and I completely forget in all the hooplah. I decided to finish up as fast as I could so I could get home. This was a complete wrench in my plans because I still had cupcakes to bake and posters to make. I knew I was in for a long night. We got home and I took a quick shower and got myself and the kids ready, and by that time it was time to go so I could still have time to get lost and make it to the dinner in time =P. Just as I thought, I had no clue where this place was, and apparently no one thought it would be smart to put a building number on any flyer or email. Luckily, though, I am not above asking for directions, and I asked a very nice soldier who happily drove in front of me to lead me to the place. We ended up getting there a good 15 minutes early, but still went ahead in.

We were, not surprisingly, one of the first families there, so we took a seat, relaxed, and waited. I tried my best to explain what we were there for to Hayden, Brayden would have no clue, but they were mostly worried about when they could get up and get their pancakes. The 15 minutes went by pretty quickly, and they opened up the dinner and let us go ahead and grab some grub. The food was great, but as I always say, free food makes everything taste better =P. As we were eating they had a speaker come up to talk about domestic violence especially as it pertains to the Army environment, and told a chilling story of his own. They also passed out safety contracts to go between the parents and the child. I'll wait until Denton gets home to go over it with him. After the whole presentation was done and we were done eating, we left so I could get home and get started on all my work. Denton called on the way home so I turned on speaker phone, propped the phone on my shoulder, and drove on home. I keep forgetting to put headphones in my car for such a time.

After we got home, the kids threw in a movie and laid down on the couch, and I got right into the kitchen to bake the cupcakes. I knew I needed to at least get them baked tonight and I could worry about decorating them in the morning. After I got them in the oven I got started on my posters. I immediately knew what I was going to do, but it involved, printing, lots of cutting and tracing, coloring, and proper spacing. I had to do this times 4. I started all of this at about 11 pm, and had to call it quits by 2 am because I was nearing dementia due to lack of sleep. Definitely not a good idea to be staying up that late knowing I had to get up early in the morning and had a full day ahead. >_< I ended up getting 2 of the posters done I believe. So I went on upstairs, crawled into bed, set my alarm, and fell out.

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