Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Eighteen

Another typical day. Got up, got the kids ready and Hayden fed. Today was crazy sock day at Hayden's school, so I set him up with a pair of Daddy's long green Army socks on the outside of his pants. About as crazy as our socks get in this house lol. We were all ready and we were off. It wasn't too cold out this morning thankfully. I waited with Hayden until it was time for his class to go in, and Brayden and I headed home. We ate some breakfast and then followed up with a little game of kick the beach ball in the living room. It was a lot of fun to do something so simple and see it make Brayden so happy. This went on for quite a while. After that my hips and lower back were really hurting, so I decided to lay down and rest a little. Resting is about the only thing that has helped when I get these pains, but it makes me feel so lazy =( There's a lot of things I'd like to be doing around the house now that Shrek is gone, but my body doesn't want that to happen. I put on some cartoons for Brayden and he played with his drawing toy, and I just relaxed. Our neighbor came by with her daughter who's just 12 days apart from Brayden to give us a thank you card from her birthday party. That really woke me up, so I got up and turned Army of Darkness on and played and colored with Brayden. That movie is such a classic. Great one-liners like "give me some sugar, Baby." lol. It was also mild enough due to the cheesy factor that it wasn't bad for Brayden. Once that was over, though, Brayden was really tired so I figured it was a good time for a nap. I got up a little early to take a shower so I could try out some coconut oil to moisturize. I put it on my face and hair. It softened up my face, and really helped with my dry ends that severely need a cut.

Then, Brayden and I got ready and left a little early today to get Hayden. I wanted to get a good parking spot so I didn't have to cross the street to get Hayden, and arrived just in time. It really ticks me off when people just park not worrying about making space for other people and leave gaps *just* big enough to not fit another car. Anyways, Brayden and I sat in the car for a good 10 minutes snacking and listening to the radio before it was time to head up. I forgot my jacket at home, but luckily it wasn't too cold. Brayden hopped in his stroller, and we head down the path to wait for Hayden. He came out in a great mood, and we went across the street to take a look at the pumpkins the guy brought from his pumpkin patch over 70 kms away. Perhaps he didn't think he would sell so well because he certainly didn't bring enough for us Americans. He only had less than a dozen left when I went, and they weren't anything to ge excited over, so I passed. We already have our pumpkins, so we're good. Halloween isn't celebrated here in Germany, so pumpkin patches are quite rare. You'd think, though, that one of the many farmers around here would smarten up and grow pumpkins so he could make a bunch of money off of us. I just may try my hand at pumpkins next year.

Then, we went on to post so I could take Brayden's sports physical in to put on file so he can play basketball this season. It was annoying because I called ahead to let the girl know I was coming, but it ended up with me standing in the doorway directly in front of her being completely ignored for about 10 minutes before she even came up to me. Got that weight off my back and we headed over to the USO to get some hot chocolate. Their machine puts out some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had. It's so frothy for about 1/4 of the cup down and so yummy. We sat down in their comfy lounge chairs and enjoyed our hot chocolate, and then went on to the commissary to pick up some stuff for dinner. I decided to keep it simple tonight with an easy homemade soup so got some veggies and then some fruits to snack on, and that was it, we were out. We came home, got stuff in order, and then finished all of Hayden's make-up work he had for missing Monday and Tuesday. It was quite a few pages, but he got through them well. Once we were done, I had him start on reading and I got on to dinner. After the prepping was done and we just had to wait for it to cook, I came back and worked on the reading with Hayden. Pretty soon, it was done and we all sat down for dinner. It was quite yummy, and tasted almost just like how my family always makes it. Homestyle stuff is always a good choice. Once dinner was over, though I really helped Hayden finish up his reading, and then sent him off to bed. I put Brayden in the shower and washed him up real quick and dressed and put him to bed as well.

facebook groups to get some advice, and then just decided to browse around for a bikini for labor. I had a dream the other night that I found this really cute bikini in a store, but there's no way that's happening here anywhere. I ended up on my never-failing and found a realllly cute pink Juicy Couture bikini for only $19.90 total, with free shipping as well! I really hope it fits, because if so, it will make me one happy mama. I already posted in another post that I don't want to end up the crazy naked lady in the window, so the bikini will make me feel much better, even if it's in February =P I'm sure my husband would appreciate it as well, here or not. I hope it gets here soon so I can try it on. They do have a 30 day return policy, but hopefully I won't have to worry about using it. Ok, well, I'm super tired and ready for bed. After I wrap this up I'm going to throw some stuff in the dryer, and head to bed.


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