Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day Four

Today was a better day. The sun actually decided to come out from behind the clouds, but it was still very cold. The weekend forecast shows only highs in the low-mid 50s and lows in the upper 20s. It's hard to believe that just over a week ago I was wearing shorts and t-shirt. However, it was just good to not be raining.
This morning was mostly uneventful, but thanks to a wonderful discovery on my baby board, I only ended up with about 2 hours of sleep. Apparently the iPhone has an app that allows you the chance to listen to your baby's heartbeat. I am 20 weeks into my pregnancy and had yet to hear my baby's heartbeat because I do not wish to use the fetal doppler this time around due to potential risks involved, and I was waiting until the fetoscope would be able to pick it which unfortunately probably wouldn't have been for another 2 months. I decided to go ahead and pay the $1.99 for My Baby's Beat and give it a go. The description said works best between 30-40 weeks, but there were a few good reviews for those closer to my gestation, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Within just a few minutes I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat for the very first time, and it was elating. Albeit it was bitter sweet because it is yet another milestone that my husband missed by mere days =(  Now upon telling people about this, some were a bit skeptical. Well, I can tell you for a fact that this is no fake app, there is no random recording. You simply turn your phone onto airplane mode to stop any cellular frequencies, plug in microphone-less earphones, and press the microphone of your phone into your belly to find the heartbeat. Now, as a seasoned pregnant woman, I know fairly well where to look for the heartbeat, and like I said within minutes I was able to hear that beautiful sound. I emailed it to my husband, but I doubt he's anywhere near an internet connection unfortunately, but it will be there waiting for him. I calculated the rate to be about 136-140 bpm, so nice and healthy. I got a few good recordings in and finally went off to bed, only to have to get up about 2 hours later.

Took Hayden to school then came home and lazed around in the bed with Brayden messing around with the app further. I really wanted to get a recording uploaded to facebook, but I'm having issues getting it done so I emailed the company and hopefully they will have an answer. Ah, well, just checked my email and they wrote back that apparently it is an issue with facebook and hopefully it can be resolved. Oh well. I was planning on making it to the farm this morning for the milk, but decided to put it off another day because my midwife suggests going in the morning, and morning had already come and gone. I talked with my co-FRG leader for my husband's company about planning, the dinner for the night, etc. An FRG is a company's Family Readiness Group. We team up with the command and help take care of the families by passing down pertinent and/or fun information, notify about community activities, resources, what's going on with our soldiers, etc. I'd wanted to take a nap so bad, but it was so close to having to go and pick Hayden up that I just couldn't. I got him from school and we came home and went over his spelling words. He has a big test on them tomorrow, so I want to make sure he's prepared. It's so great to see him doing his best and doing so well. We still have to work on motivation and good study habits, but he'll get there. By the time we finished up with that I had to start getting ready to go. Tonight's dinner's main point was to say farewell to our batallion commander, and let me just say he is the most fabulous BC on the planet. He is truly respected by his soldiers and family members that know him. He is always there mentoring, guiding, and just having fun doing his job. He's really helped to bring this batallion together, and he will truly be missed.

I took the kids to a good friend's house and headed out. This place was in the middle of nowhere and GPS literally drove me and a few other people into someone's backyard. It was crazy. Luckily we eventually made it. It was nice to get out and spend time with other adults. In my life, it's not something I get to do often. My favorite part is that I also got to dress up =). I will have to upload a picture tomorrow.  It was nice to see all the companies come together and present their hilarious yet meaningful departing gifts to the BC. It's times like this where the family atmosphere comes out in this batallion, something we unfortunately haven't felt much since coming here. Our last unit had such a wonderful atmosphere, and we've really missed it, but tonight was awesome. Not to mention the great German buffet ;P. Well, the night closed out, I picked up the kids who were already asleep, got home and put them upstairs in my bed (where I can hear my 2 year old playing while waiting for me), and sat down to do this. I did not miss a call from my husband today, so it sounds like he's in transit. I don't know when I'll hear from him again, but I hope it's soon because I'd really love to share the great news with him. This night was good, and I hope I can top it off with same fabulous sleep.


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