Monday, October 10, 2011

Day One

Last night, my husband left for his second deployment. We met up at his company, had some family time, and said goodbye as Daddy got on the bus to leave. 

We had spent the weekend with some quality family time to prepare for his leave. Friday night we ate at our new favorite restaurant (which I might say "favorite restaurant" is quite difficult to come by newly living in Germany. The food here is just not the same, and it's really hard to find something to really like.) Saturday we spent a few hours at our favorite indoor pool, watching movies, and playing games together. Sunday, our last day together, we spent at the Megaplay- only to most fun indoor kids playland in the world (well, better than any one you'd find in America.) We all have fun when we go there, so we knew it would be a great choice. Once we got home, I had my husband help me store all the patio furniture away since it's already getting so cold and it would have to be done anyways before it starts snowing next month. I kept myself busy to keep my mind off what I knew was coming while Denton relaxed with kids watching movies before we had to leave.

Fast-forward to the end of the night, we held hands and said a prayer before Daddy loaded the bus. I had completely kept my composure as I knew I would until the bus finally closed up and drove away and my 2 year old started screaming for Daddy. The hardest part of Daddy leaving is that the kids that young don't really understand why Daddy is leaving and absolutely don't grasp the concept of him going for a long time until the days finally go by. Once he lost it, my tears finally started flowing because it hurts to see your kids hurt. We went straight for the car, headed home, and just sat. The kids put on some Veggie Tales, and I sat next to them just surfing the net trying to clear my head. We finished the night by hopping into bed (thank God we went for the king-sized so I can enjoy sleeping with my boys and sleeping at the same time) and drifted off to dreamland.

I got my last few calls from Denton this morning as he was about to board his flight. No telling when I will hear from him again as where he is going will be barren in every way other than what they bring. Today, I plan to spend the last day of our 4-day weekend as relaxed as possible, doing what I need to do and just spending time with the kids. It is a cold, rainy day in Bavaria, and no place looks better than home.

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