Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Twenty

[Saturday, October 29, 2011]

So, I got up at about 8 am- I had planned 7, but 5 hours was not going to cut it for my day ahead. Upon getting up, I took a shower to really wake up and get my day started. I put the kids in the bath after so they could get their day started as well, and came downstairs to finish up my posters. It was nice to already have some done so I could just copy what I'd already done, but it still took a lot of time lining things up and getting it done. They came together quite nicely, though. I had to stop for a bit to get the kids dressed and get them some breakfast. I decided it would probably be good for me to eat something as well so I didn't end up passing out later that day lol.

After the posters were finished, I cleared off the table and got the kids all set up to decorate their cupcakes. Crushed up oreo, pull-and-peel twizzlers, red hots, a piping bag, an example by Mommy, and they were good to go. I got started on mine as well. I decided to go for the easiest Halloween cupcakes ever- mummies. Just a flat tip on the piping bag, plain white frosting, straight lines across the cupcake, and 2 red hots for eyes =P. Simple and fast, exactly what I needed. After we were done, I got the kids into their costumes, and tried to figure out what I was doing for mine. I decided to go for simple and something I had already done this year- eighties. It was also nice and comfortable for being pregnant. We got all ready, and headed out to the company.

I got there and our wonderful volunteers were already there getting stuff put up, out, and stuffed. I jumped right on in and the kids enjoyed themselves playing with the games, toys, candy, and running around all crazy kid-like. After everything was ready, we had a small meeting before everyone dispersed to get ready. I realized at that point that I had only had a very small breakfast and would not be eating for at least another 4 hours, so I decided it was best to go ahead and just grab a large pizza for the kids and I to split throughout the afternoon. I went and grabbed it, came back, and finished up some last minute things in the conference room before people were set to arrive. At just before 2, our first few people arrived and the kids got right into playing the games. People came more and more soon after, and soon we had nearly a full conference room. The kids realllly enjoyed themselves, and the adults seemed to have a pretty good time as well. We had some new faces come out of the woodwork, and that's always good. We had a costume contest, cupcake decorating contest, and pumpkin carving/decorating contest for people of all ages. Hayden and Brayden ended up winning the pumpkin decorating contests for their age groups by default since they were the only ones that entered, but they loved it. My poor mummy cupcakes had NO chance against the creepily lifelike finger cupcakes made out of peanut butter. Poor Brayden was so tired that he ended up falling asleep in a chair about halfway into the party. I'm so glad he's able to sleep through just about anything, though. Once the contests were all done, the party died down and people headed out. We spent a good amount of time cleaning up and packing things away. It was a great turnout and we were so glad about it.

We had quite a few cupcakes and candy left, so we headed over to the barracks to hand them out. We ended up going door-to-door dropping the candy bags on the doorsteps in a sort of backwards trick-or-treating style =P. We took the rest of the cupcakes that we didn't hand out over to the USO since we knew plenty of people would eat them there. After that, the kids and I headed home to crash. I was truly, truly exhausted and knew I would be loving my bed that night. The kids weren't as exhausted and wanted to watch a movie, so I laid down on the couch while they watched a movie, and then after the first one I got up and made dinner. We ate dinner, and I laid my foot down that it was definitely time for bed. We closed up shop, went upstairs and got all cleaned up, and fell out.

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