Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Nine

21 Weeks pregnant today.

It was a nicer day today, no frost on the windows at least. Another tired morning of course. Before bed I found an app on the app store that's supposed to monitor your sleep cycles at night and wake you up in the morning when you're in a gentler cycle so you'll wake up refreshed, which sounds all nice, but I'm not sure how it would do with kids sleeping next to me and possibly skewing the results. Not sure if it's worth the bother, but just maybe if I keep having to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Anyways, we got up, ate some breakfast, got ready, and headed off to school. I like leaving at the last possible minute now because the kids wait outside in their class lines and all go in together, so when I get there early we have to stand outside in the cold which isn't so fun these days. Now I get there either right before, during, or after going in so no one has to worry too much about the cold other than walking from the car to the school, and then back for me and Brayden. We headed straight for the farm this time so I could get there early enough to get the milk. I was in luck because the farmers were out working and were able to help me do it. I came home with 3 liters, and now I think I will go ahead and fill up all 6 bottles that I have so I don't have to go back so often. It's about an hours drive there and back. It's not so bad, but I don't want to use all that gas and time.

Well, I needed to stop by the store for some toilet paper and stuff, so we went there first. I also got some spaghetti noodles, sauce, and kielbasa to make the recipe that's been going around facebook for the past week. I figured it'd be fun for the kids, and I really love kielbasa in my spaghetti anyways. I had to go over to the px as well for items the commissary didn't have. I decided to check out what movie was on sale since they have a new release sale every Tuesday. They had the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and we hadn't seen it yet but we really love the movies, so I took advantage of the wonderful $19.95 price for Blu-ray. I let Brayden browse around the toys section and play with toys, and then I picked up a few things including a baby name book.

We got back home and I made me and Brayden some eggs because we hadn't eaten yet. I poured myself a glass of milk, and I was really scared to try it. I had had goat's milk before and it tastes really goaty; just like the smell of a petting zoo, and needless to say I'm not a fan of goat's milk despite it's superiority to cow's milk. I was really afraid that the raw milk would have a really funny taste as well, but surprisingly enough, it tasted just like regular store-bought milk. It was really nice because I know that as long as I keep it up I'm going to be drinking a liter of that stuff everyday during the pregnancy. That will equal out to about $130 on milk for just me alone  >_<. Oh well, it's good for me and the baby, so it's worth it I guess. I sat down to look at emails and have been emailing with this guy from my ad to rehome my dog. His family lives in Wiesbaden which is about 3 hours away from here. I've sent them pictures and all the information on him. They're really interested and planning to come get him this Sunday. Lord knows that will be a big monkey off of my back. I love this dog, hes a great dog, but he is seriously stressing me out for a whole list of things I don't feel like going over. After that, Brayden and I watched Beauty and the Beast and then decided to take a nap until it was time to go get Hayden. I had trouble sleeping because we slept downstairs on the couch and I neglected to put the shades down, and I don't sleep well with light, so about an hour in I just picked up the baby name book and started going through it. I am soooo very picky with baby names, and we are just having the hardest time coming up with anything for this baby. We already definitely have the middle name picked out if it's a girl, but nothing else. We haven't agreed on anything at all for a boy. We usually do a family name of some sort for the middle name, but to tell you the truth, I don't really like many of the family names in our family. We're just stuck, and unfortunately the book didn't give much help =/

After an hour of that it was time to head out to pick up Hayden. It wasn't too cold so I actually didn't even worry about a jacket for myself, but gave Brayden his just in case. He his under it in his stroller the whole time anyways so I guess it was good. Hayden came out and we went home and worked on his math work. After that I let the kids play in and out back while I cleaned up the house. I knew I had a meeting tonight, so I had to work quickly, but got done what I wanted done in time to still cook dinner and be able to eat. We all washed up and I had the kids help me put the noodles in the kielbasa. It was kind of tricky, especially for Brayden because it's so easy to break the noodles going in, but he still had a good time. We got it in the water and I washed up the dishes I had dirtied and got the kids dressed so we could just eat and leave since time was pressing. It turned out really good, and it was so much nicer to be able to just have everything in one stick of the fork rather than twirl the noodles and then still pick up the kielbasa. It was easier for the kids to eat as well, especially Brayden. We finished just in time to head out the door.

It was quite the turnout for the meeting, but it was deployment information so of course people are finally going to show up. The commander had a lot of useful information to put out that we're really grateful for, but specifically for me, some things really, really, really sucked. I won't go into detail on that because things are not set yet, but they just suck. I will suck it up and be alright, though whatever may come, but just hoping for the best. Just got home about an hour ago and made Hayden another small plate of food. before the two of them went and took a quick bath. Hayden came back down and went over his spelling words and then passed out on the couch. I cleaned up the kitchen and table and sat down to do this, and Brayden is playing with his toys. I think I will close this up, read up on the baby's development this week, and go ahead upstairs and lay down for the night. I have about 125 days to figure out a name for this poor child, and I'm really hoping I'll just have an "ah hah" moment one day soon. Lord knows I will be stressing if this baby doesn't have a name before February lol.


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