Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Eight

One week down, who knows how many to go.
Well, this morning was a cold one. I had frost on my windshield that I actually had to scrape off with my wipers and fluid. Car temp gauge read 0 degrees celsius. On a good note, though, the sun was still shining. I only appreciate the clouds here when it's all snowy, and I only realized that one day when it was sunny and there was snow everywhere. It was definitely blinding and not fun to drive in.
Hayden had a GREAT night last night. I gave him some Hyland's and a cough drop right before bed and also lathered some Vicks Vapo Rub all over his chest and feet and covered them with socks. I also added a few drops of tea tree oil to the little humidifier thing that sticks to the radiator. I guess all of that together coupled with the good rest he got during the weekend really helped. When the alarm went off this morning I asked him if he felt better enough to go to school. At first he said no, but I reminded him that if he missed school he would not be able to play soccer tonight, and that seemed to change him mind. I asked him again and again if he was sure as I didn't want him to go to school just so he could play soccer tonight, but I really hadn't heard him cough once last night so thought I'd give it a go. I made him take a shower to wash all the guck off while I got his clothes together and cooked some eggs. He ate and got ready and off we went. I gave him a couple coughdrops to take along in case he needed them, and told him if he felt like he needed to come home to just go to the nurse's office and call me.

Afterwards, Brayden and I went back home and ate some breakfast. Today was going to be the day I made it to the farm to get some milk, so we ate and left. It was a really nice drive out, but unfortunately when I got there I had trouble finding the machine and no one was around to help. I got a hold of someone that had been before who could explain it to me, but much to my chagrin I realized I was too late; the guy had already come by and emptied the machine, so if I'm up to it tomorrow I will be ready to head straight there after dropping Hayden off at school.

Anyways, after we got back home, we ate some lunch and I decided that after all that a good nap was in store. We went to bed until it was time to pick up Hayden from school. We picked up Hayden and came home and got straight on his homework. He had soccer tonight, and if we waited to do it until afterwards he'd be too tired and cranky to do anything. He ended up having a great day at school with no issues with his cough, and hasn't really coughed much at all the rest of the day either. After he was done, I made him something to eat and went and took a shower and got ready. I got the kids ready, and it was time to go. We got there on time, but the other coach hadn't showed up yet so I let the kids do some drills while we waited. The other coach finally came about 30 minutes later; it was a backup for the regular coach, and apparently she hadn't told the team that tonight was that make-up game for last Wednesday's game that was cancelled, so they weren't in uniform or ready to play, but we got it together anyways. Brayden did pretty good tonight sitting out and playing at least half the game while I coached- the other half I ended up holding him and hobbling around the field lol. The kids did really good though, I was really proud of them. They've really learned so much about teamwork and good sportsmanship over the season, and I am proud of them. Some of the kids on the other team could've really used a lesson in sportsmanship, though, and there was a few times I had to lay the smackdown lol (in a professional, coach to 6 year old player way of course lol.) By the 4th quarter I really was just staying in about 1 quarter of the field while coaching; I was tired, starved, and carrying Brayden around so was just ready to go. The game ended and we headed to the food court for dinner. After that I had to run into the PX for some bath soap for the kids and ended up buying some Thomas The Train underwear for Brayden as well. He loves them. He really did deserve them for being so good tonight. Yeah, I had to hold him some, but I'd rather hold him than see him crying on the sidelines for me.

We came home and got the kids in the shower and all washed up. Hayden then did his reading for school and passed out on the couch. I answered a few emails and checked my baby board and facebook a little. I think it's about time for me to go to bed, though. Realllly hoping to make it to the farm on time in the morning >_<


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