Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day Six

Didn't sleep so well last night. Went to bed early, so it was just my luck. My husband called around midnight and I had to jump out of bed and run downstairs to find both phones I had left down there, so that kind of woke me up lol. We talked for just a few minutes and I got back in bed. It was really cold which wasn't helping, but Hayden gets hot really easily so I stuck it out between the two of my little radiators =P. Brayden, for the first time since he was a baby-baby, decided he would try to lay sideways for most of the night which meant kicking me. He also whimpered a lot in his sleep, and Hayden ended up with a cough. So yeah, the night I go to bed early and don't have to wake up early in the morning for anything, I have trouble sleeping. I vow to get to bed even earlier tonight, wear socks, make it a bit warmer, and sleep better!

Sooo, I got up, got the boys in the bath and I took a shower. Towards the end of my shower it started getting freezing cold and I yelled out to the boys to make sure their water was off. They said it was, but I guess I was too late. I got out of the shower to see their bath nearly full -_-. I was so cold I hopped right in with them to warm up lol. After that, we got out, got dressed, ate some breakfast, and headed off to the PX to get a birthday present for the little girl next door's birthday. She is only 12 days apart from Brayden, so they get along quite well. Thank goodness the Garden Center turned everything over to toys to prepare for Christmas shopping, so it was easy to find something quickly. I went over to see if they'd gotten anymore toddler-sized snow boots in, and they had, so I'm about halfway there to getting the boys ready for the snow which I suspect to come sooner this year. All I need now are snow pants, and maybe a snowsuit for Brayden, and then they're good.

I still had quite some time before the party so we headed to the sister post about 30 minutes away for the bazaar they had going on. They had so many beautiful things, but it was hard looking at things after the boys started getting antsy. Brayden no longer wanted anything to do with his stroller, and the place was packed with already no room anyways, so we decided to go after a really quick run-through of the place. While getting the kids settled into the car Denton called from our Skype number which was really surprising because the last time I talked to him he said he'd be leaving this morning and had no idea when he'd get to call again, but luckily something happened and stalled their plans for a while. It was kind of hard to hear him, so we kept it short but he promised to call back when he could. The kids were hungry, so I decided to go over to the BK. This one has a playland that Hayden always asks to go to and we never do, so I thought I'd give them a little chance to play. I was looking forward to getting a milkshake, but unfortunately their shake machine was broken =/. The kids played for a while, and we decided to head back home. I quickly wrapped the present and thought it would be a great opportunity to get a little 1-hour nap in before it was time to go next door to the party. It was really nice until I kept getting woken up by the darn kids screaming outside, so I had to get up and close the window- Hayden and Brayden apparently hadn't been bothered by the noise. The rest of that time went by way too fast. Brayden definitely wasn't ready to get up. It was a costume party so he was finally going to get to wear his costume out that he loves so much, and he didn't even want to put it on. I felt bad for having to get him up, but at the same time I was in no mood to wait for him to calm down and get it together. I told him to cut it out, got his costume on, and we were off.

It was a good amount of kids present, just a handful, and they played well. It was nice. It was freezing outside, but nice when she put on the fire pit. The kids kept busy inside and out and just had a great time. It's always nice to be around other adults as well =P.  I'm still trying to figure out what I will do for Brayden's birthday. I'm not really interested in having a big party for him, but I'm thinking of maybe taking advantage of the great deal going on at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. We went there when my mom came to visit and the kids really loved it. I talked to my husband before he left about it and he really encouraged it.

Well, the kids are already passed out, so I think it's about time I do the same.


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