Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Fifteen

I went to bed last night with a bit of sinus congestion and woke up with it only worse. For some reason my right nostril wants to stay clogged and just leak. It's gross and has caused me to do a bunch of tissue stuffing all day lol. As soon as I got up after breakfast, the water cooker was on so I could drink me some tea. Raspberry Red Leaf with honey, followed by a few cups of hot water with lemon and honey. Breathing it in for a few minutes after pouring the water was so nice and refreshing. I still felt pretty crappy, though, so after that I cleaned up the morning mess and then just laid on the couch while the kids watched movies. Getting that rest in, with a tissue shoved up my nostril lol, was a great idea. The kids went on to color some pictures as well. I finally got up and did some laundry and sat down to check my emails. So much going on on the internets today lol. I had to pull out my handy dandy family binder at one point. I recommend everybody, especially military families have a family binder. Mine is filled with all of our important documents in the plastic page protectors. It has things like our passports, social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificate, wills, power of attorney, health records/physicals, etc. It is so very nice to have all of that in one place. At a conference I went to this year, one of the speakers talked about keeping all of your important documents together, and that a good place to keep them is in doubled ziploc bags in the freezer. Yes, keep your documents in the freezer. The logic was that even if there was a tornado or fire or something that most of the time the fridge will stay intact or could be found easily, therefore keeping your documents safe. I hope not to jinx myself by saying this, but these houses are pretty awesomely safe, so I'm pretty comfortable with my own convenient spot lol.

After that, the kids were ready for some lunch so I made us all breakfast for lunch per request- dippy eggs with some buttered toast. You'll never understand what a revelation it was to this year read that real butter is in fact good for you and to not be afraid to use it lol. I absolutely love real butter. I grew up on tubs of Country Crock- boy what I was missing! Naturally, I didn't need to cook so much for myself because the kids don't finish theirs' =P After that, I cleaned up and then did some book work with Hayden. He has really grown leaps and bounds with doing those since we first started. He used to whine and moan and drag along, now he's just short of being able to do them completely independent. We went over math, spelling, and reading comprehension, and he also continued to do lots of drawing.

Then, I decided to go ahead and take a quick shower and get everybody ready for soccer. I wasn't really looking forward to going out into the cold from all I'd heard from everyone else today, but it really wasn't that bad. It's definitely going to get worse real soon. I only had a few kids show up in the beginning, so I got out there with them and participated instead of just coaching. That was a mistake that lasted pretty much all practice lol >_<. It's funny how things don't start to hurt until later lol. There's only one more day left of this, and then I can finally breathe knowing my kids will still be able to enjoy youth sports, but with their mom sitting on the sidelines lol. After practice we headed to the food court for dinner. Once again, not having to cook 2 nights a week is so nice. My nose started acting up again so we ate and left as opposed to just taking our time as usual. Upon arriving home I checked my email because I'd seen that we'd gotten one about my husband's deployment that included pictures. It had updates on what their living situations were like and such, and what they were doing. It had a handful of pictures on there, 2 of which my husband was in. It's always nice to see pictures, and I'm excited to see more as time goes on as is promised for now. As I was looking at the pictures my husband decided to call, so that was nice. We caught up on what was going on in our parts of the world. He talked to the kids for a while and really enjoyed it. It really is amazing how happy just a little phone call can make me. Being away from my husband really truly brings me closer to him. We may sometimes fight like cats and dogs when he's home, but when he's gone I want nothing more than for him to be here with us. Separation truly does make the heart grow fonder. I can only imagine at this point how much a deployment next year soon after his return would suck if he does end up going, but it's nice to have so much support, and I have higher hopes about the communication availability if he goes. Much better than this at least. Speaking of which, I may hesitantly take a trip to the phone company tomorrow to see exactly how much we are spending when we talk lol. I'll be holding my breath until then.

After that, I decided to go ahead upstairs and take a nice epsom salt bath because I truly started to feel all the pain in my legs, butt, hips, and back from soccer. The kids came up to the toy room and watched a movie while I relaxed and started reading How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. It's always been on my recommended reading list, and I just had to get it when I found it so cheap at the PX. About 20 pages in and it seems really good so far. After a while, I put the book down and just turned over and relaxed. Started thinking about how good the tub may be during labor. It is quite long and deep, so it may fair well, but it will definitely do much better than the last tub we had when I was in labor. I think I've pretty much decided against buying a birth tub. If I so feel the need to give birth in water, I think my tub will do just fine, but we'll see what kind of mood I'm in. But, being in there did make me realize I should probably buy a bikini for labor. With Brayden I labored in and out of a pretty sarong-type wrap. I'd get hot and cold throughout labor and had to take it on and off. We had friends over so it was kind of weird being completely naked with them there, but I really didn't care. It might be nice this time to at least have a bikini though, especially with all our ceiling to floor windows throughout the house lol. I don't want to have to hinder my labor because I'm worried a bunch of people will be watching "the crazy naked lady" lol, and I don't want to have to close my shades either. I love looking out my window to see outside, and by that time there will be tons of beautiful snow to look at.

Well, got out, got comfortable, shut everything down downstairs, and climbed into bed with the kids to start on this and let them play on my phone and ipod. They quickly passed out, and I'm so ready to do the same. Another milk run tomorrow morning. I'm really hoping driving is not bad as I heard there was black ice this morning >_< So far what I'm reading calls for lots of fog which I hate but have grown accustomed to here. Will be very careful in the morning.


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